Top 5 Family Vacation Spots


Yes, Orlando is number one when it comes to  family   vacations  and we can think of a couple of others maybe but if we’ve done those, it gets just a little challenging to think of the best places to take the  family . The emphasis is on fun during these  vacations  but if the kids can learn something special on the way, that’s a huge bonus. Here are some top picks.

1. No doubt, Walt Disney World and its associated theme parks is a dream  vacation  for most  families  during their golden years, when the kids are anywhere from six to ten. Besides WDW however, you will also find Universal Studios with a wide array of “scientific” exhibits and high-tech shows. You can take treks outside the parks to places like Wonder Works, an interactive science museum and dip your hands in water that is the temperature of the ocean the night the Titanic sank. And when you’re done with the Orlando proper, you can take an airboat ride through the Florida wetlands.

2. Hawaii is paradise on earth so any child will remember the beach and the beauty for the rest of his or her life. If they are old enough and you are in Oahu, you can take a cruise through Pearl Harbor and stop at the Battleship Arizona Museum or visit the army base inside the volcano that is Diamond Head.

3. The 112-mile highway that snakes over the Florida Keys to Key West is so different from anything you or the kids have seen that it is easy to miss the dazzling technology that built it. As you island-hop over long stretches of the Caribbean sea, you will pass places like the John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo that will allow you to kayak in shallow, clear blue water among the mangroves. But the whimsical city of Key West is the ultimate stop where you will see real treasure chests full of gold doubloons that were pulled from the seabed and pirate-ship restaurants.

4. In a word, Sanibel, Florida means shells. Lots and lots of shells. Be prepared to come home with a bucket load of the most beautiful shells you ever saw but be sure to show the kids that they are living animals. Help them to only take the ones that are not living and not just because it is illegal. You will also see the world’s largest shell museum and the whole spectacle is framed by the beautiful beaches and the Gulf of Mexico.

5. There really is a place called Atlantis nowadays and it is in the Bahamas. It is a lot of fun with slides that take you right under a shark tank, scuba diving, snorkeling waterpark and an aquarium. Pure fun for the whole family.