Testing Knowledge on the Road

I got an idea from an old movie to have a contest where a few lucky people would get the chance to taste my newest beer. I run a local independent brewery that makes ales and lagers. People love the beer because I always make new, creative flavors that the other beer companies don’t. I would place 5 special golden lined wrappers on the beer that can only be seen when the beer bottle is empty. Those lucky 5 would get to ride on a Diamond Party Bus in Toronto, and through a series of tests, only one would be left to taste the beer.

The contest lasted 4 months, and the labels were placed on the beer at random to ensure that no one particular group of people get all of the labels and leave everyone else without a chance to get them. The beer was flying off the shelves and being ordered left and right at restaurants. Although I wanted people to find the labels, I encourage people to drink responsibly and to not endanger their health and the health of other people just to win a contest. It’s just beer and there’s no reason anyone should lose their life over it.

Once the contest was over, I asked the 5 label owners to log into a special website and provide their contact information so I could find out where to pick them up on the day of the bus ride. The ages of the owners ranged from people who had just turned the legal drinking age that year, to one man who was close to being 70. Once they were all picked up by the bus, I began asking them a series of quiz questions. When someone got a question wrong, I dropped them off and continued with the remaining contestants. In the end, a woman in her late 30s won the chance to try my new butterscotch beer.