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Las Vegas – A Family Getaway Destination

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Las Vegas is a great family holiday destination. This city, famed for its numerous casinos and its scintillating nightlife also has a lot of activities that you could enjoy as a family. In fact, many casinos recognize the importance of family vacations and offer a host of family-friendly activities alongside their primary gambling attractions.

One of the main attractions in Las Vegas, other than the casinos is the High Roller. The High Roller is a 909-foot high roller coaster at the Stratosphere Hotel. Unless a newer and bigger roller coaster comes along, the High Roller has the distinction of being the highest roller coaster in the world, making it literally the biggest attraction in Las Vegas. The High Roller consists of tracks in excess of 800 feet and with sharply banking turns that could zip you along at speeds as high as 32 miles an hour. This exhilarating ride could set you back $5 a trip and you do get daily passes. As with most roller coasters, especially ones that are so high and steep, height restrictions are enforced.

Another great activity to indulge in with the kids is spending the day at the zoo. The Nevada Zoological and Botanical Park makes no tall claims of being the biggest zoo in the world, nevertheless it is a great way to spend the day with the kids. They have quite a few exotic birds and animals including wallabies, ostriches, flamingoes and emus. The chimpanzees at this zoo are a huge hit with the smaller kids. Sometimes their antics could even impress older kids. You can make a choice between a half-day and a full day ecotour of the desert. This could be a great fun-cum-learning experience for children as they learn about so many different aspects of the desert.

Who could resist the romantic charms of a gondola ride? You could stay at the Venetian Hotel and Casino and experience its authentic gondola ride as a double bonus. You have a choice of outdoor as well as indoor gondola rides. The gondolier serenades you with the romantic sounds of Venice while you float under bridges and past beautiful landscapes. There are romantic 2-person gondola rides as well as gondola rides for the whole family. Reservations for gondola rides have to be done in person on the same day as the ride.

Did you know there was a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Las Vegas? This is an absolutely-must-do on your Las Vegas family vacation. It offers you that unforgettable opportunity of golfing with Tiger Woods, singing with Elvis and sailing with the infamous Jack Sparrow. Here you could come face to face with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces. Don’t forget to take your camera along to record those memorable moments.

Las Vegas, the original gambling town was completely focused on its casinos and glitzy nightlife. Rather lately the city has recognized the importance of promoting family activities alongside the gambling activities. The gambling casinos themselves offer families a lot of tempting choices that have families coming back for more!


Planning a Boating Vacation

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There are few things in life more pleasurable than a boating  vacation . The keys to a successful boating  vacation  are local knowledge, detailed preparation, and  family  flexibility.

With the advent and refinement of internet search engines, there is a wealth of information available online that can form the foundation of a successful boating  vacation  plan. Government websites include important information on lake and river conditions, water levels, water quality, maps – including the all important but not always supremely accurate depth charts. For example in the Texas Hill Country on the Highland Lakes, the LCRA has developed an excellent and informative website. Other good sources of local information on bodies of water are Parks and Wildlife, and Fishing and Game authorities (be sure to obtain proper licenses if you have plans to fish or hunt!!!). However, when seeking local knowledge there is no substitute for engaging with people in the know. With a humble and friendly approach to a relevant social networking community, those in the know will be more than happy to share insights with you that will enhance your boating  vacation . You can learn everything from where to find the cheapest fuel (or perhaps where to find fuel with no ethanol for those boaters who prefer to avoid these fuel additives) to boat ramps with quality surfaces and substantial water depth. Before launching your boat on an unfamiliar ramp, consider walking down the ramp and into the water to inspect the ramp surface, and water depth. For water sports enthusiasts there are a significant number of social networking websites where you can learn about the body of water to which you’re headed, but you’ll also find people very happy to provide snacks, drinks, and most importantly gas money if you are willing to bring some new friends out on the water with you go to, go to forums and the topic “find a pull”). Not only will you have the benefit of cost savings, but there is nothing like having a local in your boat as you are learning water depths, smooth water spots, and other factors critical for a successful day on the water. There are several sources, but an easy place to start is to Google “wakeboarding ____________ (insert the body of water to which you are headed) You will come across sites Like if you are headed to the Northwest, or perhaps if you will be in the Texas Hill Country. You might also try searching for communities by boat manufacturer. has members from all over the nation. As you explore their forums you’ll find people from all over the country that have started threads about how fantastic their home lake or river is. Pick one of these sites and post a thread asking for advice on your  vacation  destination. Even better, challenge your kids to uncover this information for you. It will begin to invest them fully in the trip, and inspire them to look forward to the adventure!

 Family  flexibility is essential in any  vacation , but when you are bringing a boat along, it is the secret to success. If you are a long time boat owner, you undoubtedly have your own stories of factors beyond your control that can keep you off of the water. One of the simplest strategies for  vacation  success is to establish  family  flexibility as a theme for your trip. One way to ensure this is to invest your family in the planning by asking them to research alternative activities. While you will generally aspire to spend most of your  vacation  time on the boat, there are literally hundreds of factors which may impact your plans. Especially in a warm weather location, a long day on the water is challenging to repeat day after day. You need to invest some energy in providing a menu of fun that your family can choose from for the duration of your trip. A great place to start is the website of your  vacation  destination.

It’s important to build a diverse list of ideas that you would be comfortable choosing from in the event your boat time is curtailed. You might also consider bringing some basic go to solutions, even if you never unpack them. Especially with young kids, a portable DVD player can keep kids from the wrong kind of interaction on the car ride. You may also consider bringing along the Wii, PSP, or XBOX 360 if you own one. You could choose to stand on principle and plan that everyone is going to be active and be outside. If you are at a waterfront destination when the weather turns bad, you will be very thankful if the kids have something to occupy them indoors for a few hours at a time. Also on the technology front, bring an iPod or mp3 player. You can use these on almost every tv and or DVD player in the world now. Head to Radio Shack to pick up a simple Y Adapter for around $5.00. You might choose to assign downloading music for dinners to each of the kids. This helps invest them in the trip planning and provides a moment to which they will look forward (their music choice night at dinner). You should also consider bringing some traditional board games, a deck of cards, and some dice. Many  families  have established “Spades”, “Hearts”, “Bunko” and other  family  game traditions that started on a  vacation , and continue for generations.

 Family  meals can be the highlight, or the nightmare of a  family   vacation . My advice is to keep it simple! Pizza night, big frozen lasagna’s from Costco with some pre mixed salads are perfectly acceptable and widely loved family meals. Easy mac is a fantastic quick fix sure to please a hungry kid of any age. I would also suggest that you consider paper plates and plastic flatware. I know this may feel a bit environmentally insensitive, but you should balance that with the enjoyment of those who would otherwise spend a lot of time doing dishes. A sure hit, and good assignment for the kids, is making cookies. You can purchase tubes of pre made cookie dough for less than $3.00. The kids will have fun personalizing their cookies, and they will unknowingly be helping in the food preparation for the whole family.

You have to be prepared in order to maximize your  family’s  fun on a boating  vacation . Even if you are a savvy trailering veteran, you too will benefit from detailed planning. This starts with a check up for both your towing vehicle and the trailer. There are a few things you can and should do yourself. First check and correct the tire pressure for your tow vehicle and trailer (don’t forget to check the spare tires as well!). Not only is this is a significant fuel economy enhancement, but a substantial safety issue. All lug nuts on the tow vehicle and trailer should be appropriately tightened (be sure you have a tire wrench that will fit your trailer lug nuts in case they are not identical to those of your tow vehicle). Then, you should check, and if necessary charge your batteries (both boat and tow vehicle).Next ensure your trailer is appropriately greased at all fittings, and of course, check all of your lights. Before heading out, it is also a very good idea to check all of the critical fluids in your vehicle. Your engine coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid will be called upon to help your vehicle deal with the strain of towing your boat. As you are doing this, do not fill your boat with gas. This negatively impacts fuel economy and makes towing the boat unnecessarily difficult for your vehicle. In your route planning, which is addressed below, you should find a gas station relatively close to your destination where you should fill up your boat. You should also carefully plan how you pack your vehicle and boat. Generally speaking the load needs to be balanced to ensure the trailer is level while towing. Check your vehicle and trailer owner’s manuals for additional tips and specific weight and towing limits. For wakeboarders, do not place boards in your tower racks as you trailer your boat. The wind resistance at vehicle towing speeds and accompanying stress on your tower and tower connections at the fiberglass is substantial. Additionally, it’s a good idea to cover tower speakers and tower lights with plastic wrap to make the removal of bugs you will encounter on the road easy. If you have not had your brakes checked in a while, this is an ideal time to have that done. Last but certainly not least, be sure to put the drain plugs in!!!

Once your vehicle and trailer are ready, it’s time to focus on the route to your destination. While Google maps and MapQuest are both great sources, check in with your  vacation  destination host to ensure the directions are both correct, and represent the smartest route choice given that you will be towing a boat. You may consider choosing a slightly longer route to ensure you are on high quality roads, that will maximize fuel economy, and minimize potential damage to your boat. Gravel roads should be avoided as much as possible as the rocks will be thrown against the hull of your boat. There are protective mud flaps you can buy that attach to your hitch to minimize this. As you choose your route, you should be aware of service stations, rest areas, and food options along the way. A few well spaced out stops where you can visually inspect the tow vehicle, the trailer connections, and the lights while allowing your family to stretch their legs is a wise use of a few minutes. You may also consider a quick call to your insurance agent to ensure you understand whether you are covered for towing service regarding both your vehicle and your trailer. If you are not pleased with your towing coverage, you can look into companies like Sea Tow and evaluate the protection plans that they offer. Not only will they help you on the water if you run into problems, but some of the plans will also cover you in case you run into issues with your trailer on the road. Finally, if you have not towed a boat in some time, or are relatively new to trailering, it is a very good idea to practice around town before you have the whole family with all of the accompanying distractions in the car. You likely have a friend who is experienced at trailering and would be very happy to show you some tips. For many, backing the trailer is the most challenging aspect of towing a boat. One method is to place one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. Move your hand in the direction you want the trailer to go. Be sure to make small adjustments, and use both of your side mirrors. It is easier to back the trailer to the left as you will have better visibility to any potential obstacles on your side of the vehicle. Minimize the number of times you must back up by evaluating food stops and gas stations before you enter them. Look for an exit where you will not need to back up, before you go in. Towing a boat is not easy for everyone, and it demands focus. It is not a bad idea to establish some new rules for behavior in the car. You will need to be tuned in to the sounds and feel of the road to quickly identify if you may have a potential issue to investigate. With good preparation, and support from your  family , trailering your boat to a  vacation  destination should go smoothly.

There are several things that can go wrong with your boat that can reduce your time on the water. However there are things you can do to expedite your return to the fun. First, learn where the boat service centers are located near your destination that are familiar with your boat brand and model (boat mechanics are also the best sources of information on where the underwater obstacles are on a lake – they are the ones fixing the boats who hit them.) A few minutes on the phone with the manager of a shop could pay some unexpected benefits in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to call on them while you are on your  vacation . Especially during the summer months, shops are at their peak workload. A friendly rapport with the manager may help you move up in the line of work (and might help if you need to be towed in from the water). A question worth asking is whether the shop also rent boats. It is rare, but not unheard of for a shop owner or manager to allow you to use a loaner boat, sometimes for free especially if the work they are doing for you is substantial. Further, they likely have good relationships with local boat rental outfits (as they are probably maintaining their fleets as well) While it may be painful to pay to rent a boat when you own one, it is a cost you should consider. If you evaluate it as part of the overall  vacation  investment you are making, it may be tolerable in order to maintain the dream you had for this  family  experience. There are some boat rental outfits that would be happy to deliver the boat to your rental property – don’t hesitate to ask if they offer this service. If you do find yourself in the situation where you need a boat, one phone call that results in a working boat in the water, ready for your family, is the best result you can ask for.

While a quality boat in good working order rarely has serious problems, there are some quickly fixable issues that do pop up on occasion. Many of these can be easily remedied if you are prepared. Consider purchasing a battery jumpstarting device. Just plug these in at home to get them charged, and they will deliver a jump starting charge if you need it. Many of these chargers will also be equipped with an air compressor and lights which can also come in handy. Another great item to bring on  vacation  is a replacement prop. Look on Craigslist or stop by your local shop to see if they have any used props for sale. Often times, boat rental shops will sell these as well. If you ruin your prop and are lucky enough to find the right replacement while on  vacation , you will undoubtedly pay a premium for it. Pulling a prop yourself is very possible, but don’t attempt it without a prop puller. If you change your prop in the water, plan on dropping essential pieces and watching them sink just beyond your reach! Just bring extra components but definitely tie a rope to the prop and attach it to the boat before you begin. One of the most common issues with props is the incredible ability of tow sport ropes to wrap themselves in them. Pack a knife capable of cutting tow sport ropes (this will also come in very handy if your anchor gets stuck on the bottom), as well as a mask and snorkel. With these tools you will likely be back on the water in a matter of minutes. Fuel gauges on small runabouts are notoriously inaccurate. Safely and securely stowing a small gas container in your boat can help you quickly resume your day of boating. Hopefully in your planning, you know where the nearest on the water gas is located, in case you need additional fuel. A few other essentials you should have aboard are replacement fuses, flashlights, duct tape, a tool kit, and a first aid kit. With regular maintenance of your boat, and a bit of planning, you will be well prepared for your  vacation .

A boating  vacation  can be an incredible  family  experience that yields lifetime memories. If you plan carefully, gain some local knowledge, instill a sense of  family  flexibility, and ensure you have some essential tools and back up items, you will greatly enhance the chances that your boating  vacation  will live up to your dreams.

See you on the water!


Popular Vacation Destinations

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There are some really exciting vacation destinations throughout the world just waiting to be discovered by you and your family. Here are just a few great ideas for a truly fascinating journey.

The Ice Hotel

Visitors are attracted from all over the world to a small village in Lapland. It is 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjarvi, along the Torne River. It is called the Ice Hotel and is what the name suggests. A hotel built of ice and snow. It apparently is the largest in the world and the first of its kind.

The building must be done each year and much work goes into the making of the Ice Hotel, but it is much more than that. It is an amazing work of art. The process starts as soon as winter begins around the middle of November. Ice blocks are harvested from the Torne River and it takes a team of artists from around the world to design and create this magnificent structure.

The first part of the hotel is open by the middle of December with the opening of the Main Hall, Lobby and the Absolut Icebar. The Ice Church is completed next and the construction is completed by the end of December with a total of 60 rooms.

Thousands will visit the Ice Hotel to sleep in the rooms made of ice and snow, many of those people are couples who used the Ice Church to make wedding vows.

As spring arrives the hotel is closed for another season until the work can begin again and another work of art can be produced.

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is located in north-western Arizona and is considered a Heritage Site. There are so many things to see and do no wonder there are close to five million visitors to the park each year. The park itself covers 1,218,375 acres with a spectacular view of the forces of nature at work through erosion, which has shaped the landscape and continues to do so.

The South Rim of the park is open all year, but the North Rim is closed from late October until May. There are many activities available at the park including hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, rafting, mule rides and more. There is a visitor’s centre with maps and brochures, programs for children and exhibits to view about the history of the park. Only the very adventurous get to the bottom of the Canyon. Those who are backpackers, or hikers or river rafters travelling down the Colorado River get to see what lies below the Rim.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is considered one of the eight wonders of the world. It’s beautiful white marble construction is magnificent and the architectural design is beyond compare. It was built as a monument by Shah Jahan, the Emperor of India, to immortalize his wife the queen who died in childbirth. The name Taj Mahal is a derivation of her name. It was built as a Mausoleum and in the lower chamber lays the grave of the queen as well as her husband.

The construction is a blend of Islamic, Persian and Indian architecture. It took twenty-two years to construct it and thousands of workers. There are five principal elements of the complex, a main gateway, garden, jawab, mosque and mausoleum.

These were designed according to the Mughal building practice, which allows no additions or alterations. There is a central dome flanked by four minarets. The mausoleum has chiselled into it passages from the Qur’an and the entire area is decorated with inlaid flowers and gems. There is an elaborate garden with several reflecting pools to set off the magnificent landscape and buildings.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls doesn’t just have a spectacular view of the Falls, There are attractions to keep the whole family busy both summer and winter. Considered the honeymoon capital of the world, it is a place where many couples go for a romantic getaway.

There are many attractions on Clifton Hill that can keep a family busy all day. If you are a flower enthusiast you might like to see the Botanical Gardens or the Butterfly Conservatory. See the Niagara Falls and surrounding area from the Skylon Tower or try your luck at the Fallsview Casino. The whole family will enjoy the day at nearby Marineland.

You can have a ride on the Maid of the Mist for those adventurous ones who want to get a close up look at the Falls. The winter is a great time to visit as well to see the Winter Festival of Lights which draws over one million visitors each year. There are three million ground and tree lights as well as over one hundred animated light displays to amaze and dazzle you.

These are just a few of the fun and exciting places you can check out as a couple, family or single person for an experience that is well worth exploring as you search for your own vacation destination.


All Inclusive Vacations

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The term “all-inclusive vacation” refers to various packages offered by tour and travel companies in the hospitality industry. If you are going for an all-inclusive vacation, it means that you will be provided with a certain set of services and products during the vacation period, in exchange for a fixed amount of money. The offerings vary according to the price and the destination. All-inclusive vacations are a feasible option for families on a limited budget who wish to enjoy their vacations. The bookings and reservations in this case are taken care of by your travel agent or the company organizing your vacation. You are told well in advance the name of hotels where you are going to stay, which airlines you will take and what type of food will be offered as a part of the deal.

Generally, the booking for such vacations should be done well in advance. One can get different types of discounts during the off-season. A growing number of tour and travel operators now offer all-inclusive vacations with a wide variety of options. These companies have connections with hotels and airlines, and thus are able to offer all of these services for a lump sum.

However, all-inclusive vacations are not always a pleasant experience. Sometimes a service provider might try to cut corners. This could ruin your vacation. It is always better to certify the quality, quantity and duration of services and facilities to be provided when one is going for an all-inclusive vacation. All-inclusive vacations save you the hassle of making travel arrangements, especially if you are planning to go to another country, a lesser-known place, an exotic location or more than one destination.


Vacation With Kids

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Wont you you love to take your kids along on a long vacation? Of course you would love to. A family vacation with kids does bring joy in two-fold. Planning a luxurious and comforting vacation along with your little ones is an extremely adorable thought. There are many holidaying spots and resorts around the world that offer some valuable services that are perfect for you and your kids.

A pleasant vacation with kids does need a lot of thought to be put into when planned. A resort that would have families visiting frequently must not only have spa facilities for adults’ relaxation, but also recreational activities for the kids. Spa resorts include many gaming facilities like table tennis, squash, bowling alleys and a big swimming pool. So while you are busy getting a soothing massage therapy done, your kids can enjoy other playful activities and games at the same time.

Resorts for long or weekend vacation with kids also have site-seeing areas and eye-catching recreational parks. Kids usually are in a playful mood, but with the places of sheer beauty around, they would definitely take a liking to it. Parks and play areas are favorites for children. And vacation spots make such provisions for your kids.

A vacation with kids is fun when resorts have facilities that blend well for parents as well as their kids, so that both have a great holiday. What could be better than you and your children having a marvellous holiday together? Resorts also have beaches nearby, for families to visit and try out some great beach sports like surfing, motor boating, sailing and much more. So without any waste of time get yourself a booking in a great holidaying spot for you and your kids.


Finding Great Vacation Spots for Your Family

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People’s tastes in  vacation  spots are as varied as their tastes in cars and food. But there are a few things that just about every family should think about before booking that great getaway. Here is some information that can help make sure your trip will be one that all members of your family will love.

First, get a firm handle on what your budget will be for the trip. You can’t just factor in the cost of the hotel, the airplane tickets, or the gas it will take to get there if you’re traveling by vehicle. You have to think about food, gifts to bring home to your friends and other family members, etc. It is possible that you may be better off by trying an all-inclusive destination, or you may want to go to a less expensive hotel so you’ll have more money to enjoy the sights.

It also won’t hurt if the hotel you are staying at offers freebies for the kids in your family. A good hotel will want your business very badly, and should gladly offer certain perks that will make them more attractive to you. This could be a great way to narrow down your choices if you’re torn between two or three places. Also, you can be assured that you and your kids will be welcomed with open arms.

You’ll also want to have as much of a plan as possible, because the best  vacation  spots will have a great deal to do and see. You want to get the most out of your trip, so you won’t want to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out where to go once you reach your destination. This is the case whether you’re simply going to the beach or you’re travelling to another continent.

Plan out exactly what you want to do, getting input from your spouse as well as your kids. After all, this is a trip for the whole family and you want everyone to enjoy it. You can actually think of this as a learning experience for your children, as they will receive a lesson in compromising and learn the benefits of trying new things. It will not only help you plan your schedule, it will also help you plan your budget.

Plenty of great  vacation  spots will provide options for childcare if you and your spouse want to have a night alone. Your hotel should definitely either have that option itself, or be able to recommend a babysitting or childcare service that you can trust. Make sure you not only know availability, but also cost.

This is a special opportunity to plan a trip that all of you will cherish for years. By being careful in the choice of  vacation  spots that you want to visit, you’ll have the best chance of making that trip a rousing success.


Travel Tips For Family With Kids

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5 Tips For Flying With Children

  Family   vacations  are special times of the year, but they can be very challenging for parents to get through. Air travel is especially difficult and can be the cause of significant levels of stress for the entire family. Unfortunately for many types of  vacation  there is no way around going through an airport and flying by private jet is beyond most of our wildest dreams.

However, there are a couple of things that you can do to make the airport experience less stressful and not be a cause of arguments. The following points are very simple to plan for and will not result in significant increases in costs. Ultimately the trade-off will be a much happier day of travelling.

1) Book Your Seats In Advance

To avoid being separated in different rows and even parts of the plane you should always pre-book your seats. While young babies up to the age of 2 usually are seated on a parent’s lap, this is not the case with children over 2. If you are delayed in any way on your way to the airport you will not be guaranteed seats together, so make sure you plan for this in advance.

2) Allow For Extra Time

Whether you are traveling with a baby or trying to deal with teenagers you will have to allow for additional time at the airport. Passing through security will take longer the more people you are travelling with and with heightened security procedures this can take several hours. The last thing you want to happen is to end up running to your departure gate only to be told that you have missed a flight.

3) Book Into An Airport Lounge

Especially when travelling with small children it is a lot easier to deal with an airport in one of the lounges. Most people do not know that you do not have to be travelling business class to get access to a lounge. The advantages are that for a relatively small fee you will have a closed off, quiet environment. Snacks and refreshments are also available, and many lounges have small play areas and other kid’s entertainment.

4) Have Small Surprises For The Flight

No matter how old your kids are, they will enjoy receiving a small gift. For a young child this can be as simple as a new book or pens to do some drawing. Dependent on the age the attention span will differ, so you may need to bring along a few small surprises. For older children you may need to spend a little more, e.g. on new games for a portable console or download some new music tracks ahead of time to listen to.

5) Do Not Rush Off The Plane

When is the last time you got to the luggage belt to find that you suitcase is already there? For most people this will never have happened, so when the airplane arrives at the gate, just stay seated and wait for everyone else to push and shove their way off. Especially with young children it is not necessary to be part of that hassle of being first off the plane.


6 Great Vacation Ideas and Inspiration From TripAdvisor

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Read along and excite yourself with this exciting list of 6 vacation ideas perfect for you and your family.

1. Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

If you and your kids are fascinated by fairy tales, then TripAdvisor recommends Copenhagen to be your first stop for a vacation destination. Copenhagen, Zealand is located in Denmark and is the home of the famous Little Mermaid statue. If you have kids in tow, you can also bring them to several sights of fairytale castles and explore Tivoli Gardens for some awesome rides.

2. Athens, Attica, Greece

Athens is well-known to be a haven for people who have a penchant for history. You can check TripAdvisor to discover how you can explore the prized ruins of the Greek civilization. You can check out different sceneries like the Agora, Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysos, the National Gardens, and the Parthenon are just some of the many vacation ideas for families traveling in Greece and its surrounding cities.

3. Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the freshest addition to the world’s list of best shopping destinations of TripAdvisor. The population in the country has been increasing ever since the boom of not less than 50 malls and still counting. As a great vacation destination, Dubai gives ideas of upscale malls and outdoor markets which make it a top choice in the Middle East. During the yearly shopping festival held here, your family will surely enjoy the slashed prices and fabulous products.

4. Maasai Mara National reserve, Rift Valley Province, Kenya

If your family is in need of an adventure to remember, no worries because TripAdvisor has the best recommendation for you. If a unique vacation destination is what your thrill-seeking family is looking for then you should fly them to Kenya and be awed by nature as you visit Maasai Mara National reserve. It is where you can personally be in touch with grasslands, acacia forests and rivers with crocodiles. Have a great time swooning over the awesome views of the safari through rides in hot air balloons and jeep tours.

5. Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii, United States

Are you a lover of hiking mountains or maybe a fan of exploring deserts and volcanoes? Haleakala National Park in Hawaii gives you the chance to put your passion to reality. According to TripAdvisor, this place has been chosen as one of the best vacation destination idea because it doesn’t only offer you the hiking experience, but also stargazing. Your kids will also enjoy this vacation destination because they offer junior ranger activities for the little ones.

6. Rhone-Alpes, France

If you enjoy skiing and would like to do it European style, go to Rhone-Alpes France. Rhone-Alps is best known for rock climbing, skiing, and is home to natural parks such as Mont Blanc and Gorges de L’Ardeche. TripAdvisor recommends this place because it offers a cold but fun vacation destination for families, you can also see blooms of olives and lavender as snow melts.


Family London Vacation – The Best Sights

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Traveling with your family to London is one of the most memorable experiences your family will have. Along with the tremendous fun and the awesome sites that you will see in London, your children’s faces will be forever imprinted into your memories of this beautiful city. 

You will always connect the famous sites of London with those same small smiling faces. There are several places you will not want to miss while traveling with your family to London; these are the best sights in London.

British Museum

There is a wealth of history and attractions to be seen in London. The British Museum offers pre-historic to modern displays including famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, which is a very important ancient Egyptian artefact. Check the special article at London Hotels Insight to find the best highlights. 

The Tower of London

This is one of the most famous towers in the world. It is nearly 900 years old and its history includes its use as a royal palace and fortress, a prison, place of executions to prisoners, a mint and much more. It is a fun place to tour and the entire family will enjoy the history lessons and stories shared. 

Kensington Palace

This beautiful palace signifies the royal family’s historical and modern reign in England; you will not want to miss a tour of the palace. The sunken gardens, the queen’s bedroom, the king’s gallery and the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection are a few of the highlights of the palace that you will enjoy. The Diana, fashion and style exhibition is a new feature. It highlights the fashion sense of Diana, Princess of Wales. This collection of Diana’s clothing displays her high taste for fashion.  

The London Dungeon

This is a famous horror attraction and is a lot of fun to visit with older children who will appreciate the thrill and the chill of the London Dungeon. Live actors, shows and interactive rides share the capital of England’s darkest moments including stories of Jack the Ripper and the Great Fire of London, as well as other chilling stories drawn from London’s history. 

London Science Museum

The London Science Museum is one of the most educational and fun museums you will ever see. It allows you to experience over 2000 hands-on displays that demonstrate the major scientific advances of the last three hundred years. Kids will enjoy the endless activities and fun to be had here.

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum in London is a great attraction for the entire family. This museum displays beautiful pieces from every continent. It also includes a hands-on gallery and ship simulation. 

London is an exceptional city that your whole family will enjoy exploring together.


How to Pick Your Best Family Vacation Destination Yet

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Family vacations can sometimes be stressful, particularly picking the best family vacation destination. How do you accommodate the wants and interests of every member of your family? Do you go to the beach? the mountains? or a new city to embrace the culture? Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, by following these tips, the only decision you will need to make is your footwear!

The Time Element

One of the biggest factors in choosing a destination is how much time you have to vacation. Do you have a full two-weeks off? Will this be a weekend or day trip? This is due to the fact that travel can eat up a lot of time and energy, no matter whether you are flying, driving or boarding a train. The amount of time you have off also has a direct relationship with the complexity of your travel plans.

The Budget

While everyone wants to take a luxurious vacation, you do not have to break the bank doing it. And, let’s face it, how much stress is your vacation going to alleviate when you return home to a massive credit card bill. Instead, budget for maximum enjoyment of your time off. You would be amazed at the variety of cheap or completely free activities there are in any destination you choose. From

state parks and museums to hikes through nature.

Discussing Options with Family Members

Now comes the tough part, negotiating on the best destination for every member of the family. Best practices indicate that full transparency is the best policy. Be clear about what the constraints are, namely time and money, and then start discussing options that exist within a radius friendly to those constraints. Often it helps to have identified a few locations that might be ideal for your family, and to research those places together.

Planning Activities

Once a destination has been decided upon, the real fun begins. Consider giving the kids the job of researching the attractions and amenities in the area. While some oversight will undoubtedly be necessary, allowing the children to research and learn about the place they will soon visit will not only help you decide what to do, but will also get them jazzed about going!

Getting Buy-In

Even with the best approach to deciding on a destination as a family, sometimes not everyone will be one-hundred percent enthused about the end choice. However, this does not mean that your plan or negotiating tactics have failed, it means you are only getting started. For instance, if one child is upset about the location chosen, consider providing options that could sweeten the deal for her, such as bringing a friend.

Don’t Try to Do Too Much

One more piece of advice to implement once you are already in your chosen destination: try not to jam pack your schedule so much that you don’t enjoy being there. Instead, plan one major activity each day, and leave the rest of the time for casual exploration. Sometimes having a rigorous itinerary can be stressful, and more stress is definitely not what you need while on vacation.