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Bahamas – A Family Vacation Destination

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Every year, many  families  decide to take time away from their routine life and go on  vacation  to a place where there is no stress. But how does one decide where to go? If you are looking for the perfect  family   vacation , look no further than the Bahamas!

The Bahamas consists of 700 beautiful islands which have lots to offer – the choices for adventure are endless. A Bahamas  family   vacation  can satisfy everyone’s interests.

How to Plan a Bahamas  Family   Vacation 

The first thing to do when planning a  vacation  in the Bahamas is to determine what you and your  family  would like to see and do. The activities range from zip-lining and swimming with the dolphins to relaxing at a water park or on the beach.

Your next step is to choose the island that offers the activities you have in mind and decide which accommodations will suit you best during your  family  Bahamas  vacation . Will it be a villa, hotel or resort? Many families opt for Atlantis Paradise Island, the Sandals Emerald Bay resort on Great Exuma, or the Wyndham Nassau, which are resorts that cater to families, adults and children alike.

Bahamas Activities

In the Bahamas, not only will you discover a wide variety of interesting activities for the adults, but you will also find many kid-friendly things to do, especially in the family-oriented resorts. Everyone will be pleased and entertained. Take a look at some of the exciting activities proposed to you to make your Bahamas  family   vacation  memorable.

The wildlife: Powerboat Adventures offers a great opportunity to meet some Bahamian wildlife in a natural habitat. The first stop of the day includes a feeding of the Bahamian dragon. Then you move on to a private island where you will enjoy the beach, the pools, and you can even get up close to some wild boars! At this stop, everyone is encouraged to get in the water with the sting rays during feeding time. And for the really adventurous ones, a scheduled feeding amongst some sharks!

Marine animals: Atlantis is one of the most popular spots in the Bahamas. The resort is home to more than 500,000 marine animals, housed in their aquariums and lagoons. You can watch as the fish are fed, and the underwater tunnels allow you a close look at the sharks, piranhas, sting rays, and other marine animals! Atlantis has a 141-acre water park, one of the largest in the world. The resort has a wonderful dolphin habitat; some visitors venture into deep water, while others remain in the shallow end to mingle with these friendly mammals. This attraction lures many, so reservations are recommended.

Dolphins: Blue Lagoon Island is the place to go if you want to swim with the dolphins. The kids can have fun and get an education at the same time. The island is also home to some ├╝ber-friendly sea lions.

The zoo: The Ardastra Gardens and Zoo is the only zoo in the Bahamas. Some of the animals you might encounter while strolling through the 5-acre reserve are: geckoes, parrots, pheasants, Bahamian boas, and red-breasted geese. Guides are enthusiastic about introducing the visitors to the parrots, and will encourage you to interact with the birds during feeding time. You can observe the fascinating wild cat in its enclosure and admire the beautiful flamingoes.

The museum: A re-created pirate ship draws a lot of attention in Nassau! The museum is not only fun to visit but also an educational experience for both young and old.

Catamaran: Book a day trip with Robinson Crusoe Shipwreck Cruises for a catamaran ride that encourages you to merely relax. You can chill out on the beach, go snorkeling over coral reefs, or play in the tide pools with the kids. You can also try kayaking or go for a quiet hike. Lunch is part of the package – wine for the adults and fruit juices for the kids.

Your Bahamas  family   vacation  is bound to be a dream come true – a combination of fun, relaxation and education all in one package. It will inspire you to start planning your next holiday!


Surviving a Family Vacation With Kids

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A vacation with children is anything but rest and relaxation for the parents. If the parents want a real vacation they will leave the children with the grandparents, and go off on their own. There is nothing wrong with that once in a while. However, kids need vacations, too. Everyone needs to get out of their old rut. It is a good experience for the kids to see places and do things they cannot every day. It is also good for families to make some memories together.

Hopefully you have chosen a destination that the kids will enjoy, even if it just the playground and pool at the hotel. The usual pain in a family vacation originates in the confinement of spending so much time in the car. It is great to plan trips that are closer to home when possible, but sometimes you really want to go some where farther. Here are a few ideas of activities to do on the road to involve the kids and help you keep your sanity.

Play the alphabet game — look for words on signs or license plates with the letters in order from A to Z. First person to Z wins. Play scavenger hunt — give each person a list of common things they might see along the way to check off. First person to finish their list wins. Play the counting game — choose an item such as red cars or mileage markers to count and see how long you can keep it going. At Christmas time, our family likes to count cars with Christmas trees on top. Play categories — select a category like movies, fruits, colors, candy bars and take turns naming something from the category. When someone can’t name an item in the category they drop out. Last person left wins. Play “guess how far we’ve gone” — name a distance such as a mile or five miles and the driver keeps track on the odometer. The person who makes the closest guess wins.

Here are some other things to do. For older children, have them take turns being navigator and taking charge of the map. Write or draw in a trip journal the things they see or are doing. Later you can finish it off in a scrapbook with photographs. Sing songs — especially the kinds of songs children love. Tell family stories — things you did when you were a child, how you and your spouse met, other family vacations you went on. Of course, you will also be sure that everyone was their own bag of toys, books, snacks, and travel games. Bringing their pillows from their beds at home also makes it a little easier for them to nap.

Looking back on your family vacation and browsing the photos you took will likely send you into a sentimental reverie. You will be able to smile at some of the pain, and probably even forget much of it. As the kids get older, you can look forward to hearing the kids say, “remember when we…” Soon you will find yourself planning next year’s trip.


Your Dream Florida Family Vacation

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Families just can’t get enough of Florida, the sun city. Beautiful beaches and exciting theme parks are abundant in this part of the world. Family resorts are numerous that offer a variety of packages for your family.

Some of the places you must consider for that wonderful vacation you have in mind is Amelia Island. It has lovely beaches and a historical fort with actors playing period characters. Sea foods are oh-so-heavenly in this island. Kids’ Camps can also be found in Amelia Island plantation that would have activities planned out for the whole family.

Here are some other places the family will definitely enjoy. The Blizzard Beach Waterpark, Sea World, Discovery Cove and Universal Studios are all in this wonderful state. And of course, the world-famous Walt Disney World Resorts are must-sees. Your children will surely have the time of their lives in these places.

The Space Coast and the Kennedy Space Center are must-see places especially for your future-astronaut kids. Ecological tours will also serve to be educational and fun for your kids as you visit saltwater estuaries, wildlife refuges and marshes.

Hotels and resorts can be found at strategic locations that are accessible to most of the popular travel spots in Florida. Finding a home-base while at the area will not pose a problem for your family, there’s a lot to choose from.

If you’re looking for activities for you and your young ones, Club Med along the St. Lucie River may be the right place for you. Your family will enjoy waterskiing, trapeze, golf and wakeboarding. Snorkeling is available in the Florida Keys for your children as young as eight.

For the nature lovers, Sanibel and Captiva Islands are two beautiful spots that include unpolluted beaches with shallow shorelines. Captiva Islands also boasts of a mangrove forest that is a habitat of sea turtles and even hawks. You can go fishing, boating, hiking and parasailing in this beautiful spot.

There are many more beaches and spots resorts in Florida that you may want to visit like Clearwater Beach, Radisson Sand Key, Sheraton Sand Key and the Tradewinds Island Resorts.

Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay offer thrilling roller coaster and water rides with an African twist. Swimming with manatees is one of the highlights when you visit Crystal River Wildlife Refuge.

Since your Florida family vacation will not be complete if you don’t visit Disney World, make sure that you have the following in mind:

It is essential that you pick the best time of year for your visit. Note when is the time when it is not too hot for the kids and there are not too many people so you could truly enjoy all the perks.

Base your visit according to the Extra Magic Hour when one of the theme parks open early. If you cannot make it early, just don’t go there for the day because of the rush. This, therefore, necessitates the need to be early when visiting the theme parks. Don’t forget to consider their closing time as well, as this might affect your schedule for the rest of the day.

It is good to avoid the most heated part of the day. This would be the perfect time to take a rest at your hotel and just go back early in the evening to complete your adventure.

Fastpasses will save you a lot of time to avoid standing at long lines for the most famous rides. Just use these passes for the most popular rides.

Bring snacks and lots of drinks for the entire family to save on cash. Dehydration is a common problem when walking all day and enjoying. If you have to eat in the park, go for the power buffet meals, they may come out cheaper.

Advanced reservations at restaurants may be very helpful and very easy. To get that seat, reserve ahead of time.

Disney World has a transportation system that allows you to take the rides every hour of the day and night that will bring you from one park to another.

Most importantly, dress down. Use cool and comfy clothes and shoes while doing all your visits to the exciting places of Florida State.


Surviving a Family Vacation

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I so remember the long car rides from Ohio to Florida and back again going to see Grandpa on our  family   vacation . The countless times I heard “Are we there yet?’ and “MOM, Jim is looking at me!”. Here I am thinking about a fun and relaxing time and this was the furthest thing from it.

A  vacation  is a great chance to bond and create some great memories with your  family . Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun. I finally figured out that if I just took a little extra time and planned our trip, I was able to make it so much more enjoyable.

The whole key was in the planning. We take so much time planning where we are going and what we will do. It only takes a little more effort to plan for the car or plane ride and the down time while  vacationing . Just doing this one little thing will change your trip dramatically, you will begin your trip much more relaxed and happy.

Plan things for your children to do in the car, or while waiting at the airport and the plane ride. Do not give everything to them at once. Bring them out one at a time as needed. Coloring, drawing, reading are some great activities. Be sure to include some things for your kids to do when you have a little down time, such as getting ready for dinner or just relaxing after a long day.

I also figured out that when my kids were older it was best to let them bring a friend. The kids had so much more fun when they could do things with a friend. Dad and I were able to relax more which made the trip more enjoyable for us too. Our kid’s friends still talk about the trips that they have taken with us and how much fun we had.

Another key is to prepare your kids before you leave, let them know what to expect and how long it will actually take. Discuss it in terms they will understand if they are younger.

The best tip that I can offer you is to just RELAX! Enjoy this time with your family and do not try to do it all.


Fun Family Vacation Activities For Your Kids

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As summer quickly approaches, many families are finalizing camp and vacation plans for their kids. Most kids if given the choice would probably opt for family vacation time over camp any day of the week. And why not? It is an opportunity to spend fun quality time with their parents and create new memories, and perhaps, regular traditions.

The thing I love about children in general is, for the most part they are easy to please – especially when it comes to vacation activities. Show them some sun, some water, an amusement park, summertime food, and they’re pretty happy. They’re not too picky on how they get there, as long as they get there. They may complain a little about travel time, however, if you keep the anticipation up, they can’t help but squeal in their pants.

Here are 5 family vacation activities that your kids will love:

  1. At-home Water Park: As much as we’d like, we can’t get away to a water park every weekend of the summer. So why not create a water park at-home? Most of your major “everything” stores such as Target, Walmart, and Kmart sell water slides. Buy a couple of those bad boys, hook them up to your water hose, invite a couple of your child’s buddies, and watch your home turn into the local water park. If you’re one of the lucky souls to already have a pool in the backyard, that’s even better! Fire up the grill, turn on some music, throw some water toys into the pool with your kids and their invited guests and watch their faces light up. You will instantly be “Cool Mom of the Week” and your house will be known as party central.
  2. Themed Day Trips: Kids love to role play. Try dressing them up according to the theme of the day trip you’re embarking on and take their day trip to a whole other level. For example, take a wilderness walk/hike or a trip to nearby caves or caverns. Have your child pretend to be an explorer, complete with an Indiana Jones inspired hat. Dress them up like a farmer and visit a local fruit and vegetable farm that allows you to pick your own produce. If your child loves race cars, dress them up like a race car driver and have fun with Go Karts or take a trip to a race. If you’re looking for something even more educational, take your kids to a nearby battlefield and give them a history lesson, complete with some sort of military inspired paraphernalia..
  3. Weekend Trip to an Outdoor/Indoor Water park: So If you’re really not interested in the hassle of set up and clean up and you have the funds to make it happen, take an overnight trip or a weekend trip to a local water park. If you’re lucky enough to live near Orlando, FL or Williamsburg, VA (or any other location fairly close to a Great Wolf Lodge), you can enjoy both worlds – indoor and outdoor water fun. Near the Williamsburg area, you can visit Bush Gardens or Water Country USA and then hop on over to Great Wolf Lodge for your accommodations and continued water park madness.
  4. Annual Family Cruise: Cruising is by far one of my favorite ways to travel and enjoy family vacation time. Everything is right at your finger tips: water fun, entertainment, restaurants, childcare, and photographers. All you have to do is get to the ship. Theme-cruises such as Disney Cruises probably top the list of fun cruise ships as they have the most child-friendly offerings. However, many cruise lines have programs designed for kids and chaperones to help tailor the fun.
  5. Packing party: To ease some of the stress from mom’s shoulder, try having a family packing party complete with music, pizza, and other treats. Packing becomes a fun family affair where the whole family packs their suitcases together and prepares for an upcoming family vacation. This exercise teaches kids at an early age that they too are part of the vacation preparation process. When they are older, they’ll be better equipped to independently pack because you’ve already made it a family tradition. This takes the stress off of mom and makes packing a family event.


The Best Family Vacation Deals

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Many people are in the market for a family vacation deal. Finding the perfect deal is going to take some time and research, but luckily there are tons of great websites and companies that are just waiting to help you plan the perfect vacation. They know how to find some of the most family-friendly hotels in the world. They can also help with things such as activities for both the kids and their parents, special offers as well as discounts.

Family vacation deals are some of the most shopped vacation packages right now. If you are just wanting to get away from the ordinary 9 to 5 for just a couple of days then rest assured in knowing that a family vacation is just what you need. It is important that you keep every family member in mind when it comes to planning the vacation. It would be in your best interest to sit the family down and discuss what everyone is interested and what they would like to do on vacation. You should then settle on two choices and then choice the best one.

Doing some research on the Internet is one of the best ways to find the best family deals. If you are not one that has to do the research or if you simply do not know what to look for, try giving a travel agent a call. They know how to find some of the best family vacation deals in the world. They are going to know about airfares, the prices of the accommodations and much more.

When looking for the best family vacation deals, remember to keep in mind every aspect of the trip. Remember that you are going to have to have transportation to your destination as well as home. You will also have to think about accommodations and dining. If you want the best service and hotel, you are going to have to book your stay ahead of time. If you are trying to stick with a budget, then try to stay as far away as possible when it comes to the big, luxury hotels. Dining is something that has to be planned as well. Most of the time, you cannot bring your own food, so you should take the time and check out the options where you will be staying. Also check in on the entertainment. This is something that can either make or break your vacation. Do some research into that as well, to make sure you can plan a couple of fun things to do.

Family vacation deals can be found on the Internet or with the help of licensed travel agent. They can be tons of fun and it helps to get everything planned before leaving for your vacation. By doing the proper research and scheduling you should be able to get the best family vacation deal in the world.


Fresh Ideas For Those Family Vacations

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Growing up, my parents were sure to make sure that each and every year consisted of at least 2  family   vacations . There were years that we didn’t have a lot of money to be taking lavish  family   vacations , but they always found some way to get all of us together and give us lasting memories. That’s what life and quality time is supposed to be about – the memories that will last a lifetime. There were years that they splurged and would fly all of us to Disney or the Bahamas.

Most of our  family   vacations  were spent at the beach or camping in the wilderness. Camping didn’t cost very much money and somehow always ended up being a really peaceful  vacation . All of the family fights and arguing seemed to be put on hold once we were out in the great outdoors. My parents had purchased a huge, two room tent one year to accommodate their growing children, and it was so much fun for us. My dad would let us stay up late and tell us stories while we snuggled into our sleeping bags. My mother would pretend to be annoyed that we were staying up past our bedtimes, but she was always smiling when she said it. The  family   vacations  to the beach were always thrilling as well. They would rent a house or apartment a few blocks from the beach and we’d spend a week laying in the sun, jumping through the waves and running around in the sand.

It isn’t cheap to plan and take  family   vacations  nowadays. Prices have skyrocketed and the price of fuel can cut some trips short. People are tending to not venture as far away from home to save money.  Family   vacations  to Disney are often advertised that they are discounted or on sale, but even the lower costs can really add up for a larger  family . The actual airfare and hotel might be reasonable, but you have to think about all of the food and drinks that add up on those relaxing  family   vacations . The admissions to the theme parks are amazingly high.

For  families  who are wanting to take  family   vacations  that will be peaceful and memorable, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. My favorite memories of spending time with my family weren’t in the islands or theme parks, they were of camping. Of course, not every family craves spending time in the great outdoors. I know some families who can’t live without electricity and a comfy bed. There are other options. If you’re looking to travel someplace, see if there are package deals that might include all of your meals. That could save your family quite a bit of money []. Visit the beaches in the off-season to take advantage of lower rates and smaller crowds of people. Visit local destinations instead of venturing farther away. And remember,  family   vacations  aren’t always about where you go or how much money you spend – it is about making memories.


Best Family Vacations

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To find the best  family   vacations  that fit your budget and time constraints, you simply need to start your search online. You’ll find lots of travel tips and great ideas on safety, health,  vacation  planning and packing, and how to make the most of a trip with the whole  family . You may have visions of the ‘ Vacation ‘ movies with Chevy Chase, but it really doesn’t have to be that way! Family oriented resorts offer all kinds of activities and some are even all-inclusive, which means that once you get there transfers to and from the airport are included in addition to accommodations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, meals, tips and gratuities, and on site activities like roller blading or water sports. Whatever type of activity your  family  enjoys, you are sure to find  family   vacations  that have everything you want.

There are many sites dedicated to traveling with the kids and family members of all ages. According to, the best  family   vacations  offer something to please every  family  member not matter the age. This site also features fifteen tips for planning last minute  family   vacations  during school holidays and summer break. Plan a great  family  winter weekend getaway and travel to the slopes for a  family  ski and/or snowboarding  vacation . If you’re looking for adventure, then visit for exciting  family   vacations  designed for  families  with children or teens. For another type of adventure, possibly a dude ranch or theme park like Disney World in Orlando would be a good choice. Hawaii is also a popular  family   vacation  destination with lots to do for the entire  family . Just visit for more information. And let’s not forget a Disney Cruise Line  family   vacation , featuring exotic ports of call and activities for kids of all ages, even the adults!

There are obviously too many sites to list here that specialize in the  family   vacations , and you may be a little overwhelmed when you first start your search. You can find a  family   vacations  directory and resources for traveling with kids, including listing of  family  friendly places to visit at,,, or where you can search a huge database to find accommodations like campgrounds, cabins, bed and breakfasts, full service  family  resorts, and more  family   vacation  topics. Get the  family  rounded up and have the  vacation  of a lifetime! Have fun, de-stress, and get away from the day to day grind. No one deserves it more than you and your family!


Best Family Vacation Ideas

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It’s time for that tried-and-true tradition – the best  family   vacation ! While time away is an opportunity for fun, relaxation, and togetherness, careful planning and necessary preparations should be done months ahead.

Yes, the  family   vacation . It’s the source of some of our most potent and pleasing memories, both as kids and as parents. If fostering  family  fun is tops on your to-do list, there’s the assortment of  family   vacation  destinations.

1) Disneyland anywhere in the world is first and foremost. The thrill of this theme park is so endless and overwhelming. Your kids could spend weeks here and never experience a single moment of boredom.

2) Families with adventurous streak would love to mountain-climb, or hike and so will those who just like to play in the sand. Whale-watching, snorkeling, and beach frolicking are the most common get-always but your adrenaline junkies may also enjoy scuba diving, surfing, or biking down a volcano’s slope.

3) Thrill seekers may find riding down the mountain slope in an alpine coaster and alpine slide everything they need to drive away the stress of daily responsibilities at home and at work. Race down the elevated track with more than a mile of loops and hair-pin curves at speeds up to 30 miles per hour against your family and friends. Just like your favorite roller coaster – but with refreshing mountain scenery. Kids can participate in the fun, too!

4) You and your family can also soar above the tree tops with exciting cable rides. You can also take a scenic lift rides for a picturesque mountain view. Once you reach the top, you can hike along the groomed access roads, exploring the beautiful surroundings before enjoying the scenic ride back down.

5) Those who are animal lovers would enjoy the wildlife at the zoo.

6) Even in tough economic times most families are still counting on a summer getaway. But they may take trips closer to home, or even try a “staycation”, enjoying and exploring their own town or region the way a tourist would.

Ah, the choices are so endless. It just depends on the family’s passions, interests or hobbies.  It’s a big world anyway, explore where you want to play, relax, and tour. No matter where you take your  family  for a  vacation  – a fun and exciting mountain  vacation , a Caribbean cruise to lie around in the summer sun, or even a simple trip to the back yard for “staycations” – it can be a very unforgettable experience that you and your kids will treasure forever.


5 Packing Tips for Your Family Vacation

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Going on a vacation? Planning for that vacation is part of the fun. Packing for that vacation is the part of the planning stage that I love.

Ok, I was once a girl guide. The motto, Be Prepared still sticks with me. To be prepared for anything. On vacation, I often pull out from my bag all sorts of things when necessary. I used to carry a swiss knife with me as it is so handy, until I got sick of setting of alarms at airports and having to submit to body checks, just because of that swiss knife in my bag.

#1 Roll your clothes

Your luggage can only pack in so many things. How are you going to pack your clothes, your kids clothes and your other travel essentials into that one bag? How do you get your clothes in without too many ugly wrinkles. Fold each item lengthwise, then roll it tightly. Pack in the large items first, then stick the smaller rolls into the empty spaces. Pack in the sock (also rolled into little balls) last as these can fit into the smallest spaces in your luggage. Oh, and stick to fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. Cotton polyester mix is great for a warm vacation while wool is great for a cold vacation.

#2 Bring along some detergent

Your kids are going to run, play, sweat, get dirty over and over again during the vacation. At least that’s what mine do anyway. Every family vacation calls for a bag of detergent. When I can find detergent bars, I’ll bring those along, packing them in only when dry, to avoid messing up my luggage. When I can’t find detergent bars, detergent powder would have to do. Either way, every night after we get back to the hotel, if we are going to stay in that same hotel for more than 1 night in a row, I’d wash everyone’s clothes and dry them before I go to sleep. That way, we do not run out of clean clothes halfway through the vacation. After washing the clothes, I’d wring them as dry as possible and hang them up to dry. To make them dry faster, I’d drape them over the lamp shades and leave the lamps on when we go out. The heat from the lamps would dry the clothes faster than normal. Be careful you don’t burn the clothes though. Keep the clothes off the bulbs.

#3 Bring a tiny light

What I find handy is a tiny little torchlight. I use that to find my child’s lost toy in the dark. On holiday, that mini torch is very useful at night. I even carry one in my purse when I go to the movies. We lost the car keys before and I used the mini torch to help me find them again. When it is dark, light the way with your torch. When the children are bored, you can entertain them with your mini light and fan. Blow a paper toy you fold with the fan. Tell stories with shadows cast by that light at night.

#4 Bring non spillables where possible

Ever opened your luggage only to find that your lotion bottle exploded? Happened to me a couple of times. Everything in the suitcase is all messed up. A rotten way to start a vacation if you ask me. Instead, use single dose skin care, bring along solid lotion for your body and bar soap to bathe with. If you can find a shampoo bar that would be great. At least these wouldn’t mess up your bag. Dry them before you pack them into their containers or plastic bag and then put them in your luggage.

#5 Bring your camera. You would want to capture the happy moments on your vacation. If you are going to the beach, bring along a water proof camera. If you can, bring along a digital camcorder so you can capture your vacation in motion and even turn that into a home movie.