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TOP 10 Family Vacation Spots in America

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We all need time away from our jobs to spend with our families. In this economy, its difficult to find vacations where you feel relaxed but also not break the bank. Below we have pulled together our Top 10 Family Vacation Sites for the USA. These are excellent family destinations and most are offering some excellent travel bargains.

1. Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida Disney World is a fantastic vacation for all family members. With 5 theme parks, 2 water parks, Downtown Disney and much more, there is something for everyone here. You will find all Disney parks are very clean, well laid out with lots of places to take a break for a meal. We have been many times and would go back again in a heartbeat – and our son is 14 now.

2. Cruising – Caribbean or Alaska Cruises offer you one of the best vacation experiences for your money. My family loves cruising, mainly because you can travel to many ports-of-call but don’t have to unpack each time.

3. Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming Yellowstone is the best national park my family has visited. The park is enormous but has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. We saw lots of wildlife, including a black bear, which was exciting. My family actually camped here in our RV at Grizzly RV Park, but there are many hotel options. One of the nicest we saw was Old Faithful Inn located right next to the famous geyser.

4. Hawaii – Aloha!! Hawaii is a wonderful chain of islands that is geared for tourists. Each island is different from the next, with the active Kilaeua Volcano on the Big Island, the beaches on Oahu and Maui, and lush scenery on Kauai. Some of our favorite sites included walking near the Kilaeua Volcano, snorkeling at Molokini Crater off of Maui, and driving around the the beautiful Kauai.

5. Washington DC – Washington DC is an excellent family vacation destination. With all of the monuments, the US Capitol, the White House and of course the Smithsonian, there is lots to do here. Remember, all government buildings including all of the Smithsonian museums are completely FREE. TIP: If you want a tour of the White House or access to the Senate and US Congress gallaries, you need to book these in advance with the office of your Senator or member of Congress.

6. Dude Ranches – Bandera, Texas City Slickers here we come. If you kids love the whole cowboy and horses scene then we recommend you consider a vacation at a dude ranch, also known as guest ranches. In Texas, there are several located in the Hill Country but there are ranches all over the USA including Colorado and Wyoming. Your days are filled with horseback riding, pitching horse shoes, trail rides, fishing and of course eating some wonderful country breakfasts and BBQ dinners.

7. Destin, Florida – Destin, Florida has probably the most beautiful beaches in the entire US mainland. We would compare these beaches to the likes of Bermuda and the Caribbean. Destin is a wonderful seaside town about 50 miles east of Pensacola, Florida. The sand is a brilliant white color with clear blue water. There are lots of hotels, condos and several campground to choose from here.

8. Hershey, Pennsylvania – Where better to take your kids to than Hershey, Pennsylvania. This is a small town east of Harrisburg that offers some wonderful vacation options. The town itself is decorated with candy kiss light poles and you can smell chocolate in the air all over town. There is an amusement park called Hershey Park. While in Hershey you should also consider visiting Amish Country in Lancaster County.

9. Boston, Massachusetts – If your family are history buffs then you must head to Boston. Boston has some excellent museums like the Museum of Science which has 500 hands-on exhibits and the Boston’s Children’s Museum. You can also take the Freedom Trail or visit Faneuil Hall which both offer a view of Boston’s history. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some clam chowder… its to die for.

10. Seattle, Washington – You may not think it, but Seattle is a great city to take a family. The downtown area is beautiful and offers some excellent sites like Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and an underground tour showing the city from below. And don’t forget there are tours of the Boeing Everett Factory and the Microsoft Campus.


Six Good Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

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When I was young,  family   vacations  with my parents consisted of driving for a week from place to place in a hot stifling car. My parents had the knack of picking the hottest week of the summer to do so. In spite of that, we still had fun, managed to find interesting sites to explore and those are the memories that I still have.

I discovered the joy of travel to far reaching destinations on my own by the time I turned 18. Jumping on a plane and heading off to Brazil, Europe or cruising the Caribbean, has turned into a life long passion my whole family now enjoys with me.

 Family   vacations  have evolved over the years. There have never been more choices, more variety and more options available for  family   vacations  as there is today. Especially since 9/11, the focus on family and community and played a strong role in our society. The travel industry has noticed and has geared up for families. From all-inclusive  vacation  packages and cruises, which are equipped with kids clubs and special activities; to resorts that supply a nanny for your stay, it’s never been a better time for  families  to travel.

Still not sure? Here are just a few of the benefits of taking a  family   vacation :

1. The family that plays together, stays together…..

It is a time to get away from it all. Away from work, the phone calls, the kid’s activities, the daily to do list. This is a great opportunity to spend time as a family and get to know each other. Go for a hike, build a sandcastle, explore a museum. There is more time to talk and spend time together without the daily distractions.

2. Teach your children well….

Travel is an excellent learning tool for kids. They can have the opportunity to learn about things first hand they may have learned in school, read about or saw on TV. Any destination can offer this learning experience whether it is a few hours drive away from you home or in Europe.  Family   vacations  will teach children about different cultures, food, history, geography, climate, environment and so much more. The best part is that it’s way more fun for them then learning it through homework!

3. New experiences they will never forget…..

 Family   vacations  provide a whole new venue for experiences that your kids never would have had otherwise. We took a family cruise last winter, and it was my 9-year-old son’s first cruise. We told him all about the ship and showed him pictures but I don’t think he could quite grasp what it was really going to be like. We landed in Fort Lauderdale and as we were driving to the port, we could see our ship in the distance. He was excited but still very nonchalant. Once we got to the port and pulled up alongside the ship, he looked up and up and up at the enormous ship, his mouth dropped open and he gasped in amazement. That reaction was worth the price of the whole trip and is something I know our family will always remember.

4. Life is an adventure, especially on  vacation ….

Even if you are not particularly brave there are still many ways to experience the adventures that lie in every corner of our planet. It may be as simple as going to the zoo at your destination and seeing the animals that are local to that habitat or taking a jungle tour though the Amazon. There is so much to see and do, pick the adventures that appeal to your family and do them together.

5. You kids won’t be kids forever….

Doesn’t seem like yesterday that the teenager that just borrowed your car, was in diapers and day-care? Most parents agree that time seems to fly by quickly and those babies are grown before you know it. There will come a time that your children will have lives of their own and sad as it may seem, spending time with Mom and Dad will not be anywhere near the top of their list. Take the time for a  family   vacation  while they still want your company.

6. Time to kick back and relax……

Now this part is important. One of the main reasons to take a  vacation  is to get some rest and recharge. It is important for everyone so don’t over do it. Try and schedule an active day followed by a more relaxing day. It’s hard to do in some destinations where there is so much to see and do like Disney World, but trust me. The kids will be less tired and cranky and it will give you a reason to come back to the destination again!

I know this all sounds so good, it makes you want to book that trip you’ve been putting off doesn’t it? Well, I will add in a dose of reality here and include a few negatives. There are some natural stresses to travelling. Planes get delayed, kids get cranky, families can have too much of a good thing and get on each other’s nerves. The list can go on, but don’t let that discourage you, the advantages are too numerous to ignore.

So whether you choose to pack the kids in the car or fly to more exotic destinations, the benefits are the same. As far as memories go, we tend to remember the good things; the time spent together as a family, the new things that were discovered, the new friends we made, the places we saw. This is what your children will remember and, the fact that you were there with them to enjoy it.


Planning a Family Vacation

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Everyone loves the thought of a  family   vacation . At least it starts out that way! If you’re thinking back to a bad experience you have had on a  family   vacation , we’ve all been there. I’m guessing the trip went wrong because it was either poorly planned, too long or the trip was full of arguments. I can’t help with the last one; however here are a few tips to help you plan a great family trip in the future:

1.) Plan accordingly! There is more to planning a  family   vacation  than just picking a destination, hotel and flight. You should really think about the time of year you are traveling. What is the climate like in this area during that time of year? Will the climate prevent you from doing some of the things your family will want to do? You should also think about the cost of everything in the area you are traveling. Even if you are going to a nice place, if you cannot afford to go to a few restaurants, buy any souvenirs or take part in the amenities in the area, your  vacation  might be a little boring.

Have you thought about events for the whole family? If you have children more than a few years apart, do you have a few events planned that everyone will enjoy? Will your 17 year old like going to the petting Zoo like your 5 year old will?

2.) Check out reviews before you leave. It’s easy to get to a destination and ask someone where a good place to eat is or what a fun activity to do is but they might be a little bias depending on who you ask. It’s a good idea to read reviews of places you are thinking about going before you leave so you can get a good idea of what to expect. Sometimes you can find out way more about a place from reviews than just how good the food was.

3.) How long are you going for? Sometimes family trips can be too long or too short. Time should be considered in all planning. If you are driving, think about the amount of time spent in the car. Will you remember how awful the drive was or the great things you saw or did on the way to break up the drive? If you are going to a place far away, are you staying enough days to enjoy the destination or are you spending more days traveling?

If you are going to a destination with little to do, make sure not to stay too long. You and your family could get bored if you are there too long without anything to do.

4.) Pack accordingly! “What’s the boy scout motto” my dad would always ask whenever we were packing for a trip. The answer of course “Always be prepared” we would mutter. The fact is its true… you would not want to spend a week somewhere without the appropriate clothing. It would be a shame to miss out on something for this reason. Buying clothing on a trip because you have to and not because you want to isn’t fun either.


Great Family Vacation Tips

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Taking a  vacation  with the whole  family  creates memories that will last a lifetime. Planning is essential to having an enjoyable  family   vacation  and it is important that there is something for everyone to do. Consider these  family   vacation  ideas to ensure a trip that everyone will love.

Tropical  vacations  are the perfect  vacation  for everyone. There is so much to see and do besides just the joy of relaxing on the beach. Stay at a family resort where there are activities for all ages, and activities for the whole family to participate in together. A family resort is ideal as there are other families and children enjoying the beach and the resort itself. It is a great way to connect with each other and to meet new people. Family resorts are often all-inclusive making it easy to meet up for meals as a group or to have meals separate. The kids will not need to worry about finding mom and dad when they are hungry or thirsty.

Beachfront properties are the most appealing accommodations because they eliminate the need for transportation to and from the resort to the beach. Older kids can enjoy going to the beach without having to rely on parents for transportation. This makes the trip even more enjoyable when there are no worries of where and when to meet up, especially if everyone wants to do something they enjoy.

Most tropical destinations offer many types of activities for the whole family including: snorkeling, diving, fishing, renting jet skis and parasailing. These activities generally cost more and are not included in the resort charges, but are well worth the additional money. These kind of activities create memorable experiences that the adults and children will cherish forever.

Tropical  vacation  s give everyone a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather and beaches. A tropical climate seems to bring the whole family together, whether it be by breathtaking sightseeing or high flying parasailing.  Family   vacations  create an experience for the  family  to reconnect with each other without the need for cell phones, text messages, and emails.


Top Family Vacation Destinations

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Planning a  family  beach  vacation ? Looking for destinations with family resorts that have fun sports and activities for the whole family, all inclusive resorts where meals are included and kid clubs? Here are some of the most popular beach destinations for families to unwind and relax:


Mexico, especially the Cancun area, and Mayan Riviera, an hour’s drive south of Cancun, is a popular place for  family  beach  vacations . The Mayan Riviera is one of the regions of Mexico – and the world- which offers the richest variety of landscapes and archaeological treasures including Mayan ruins, coral reef, snorkelling lagoons, and eco-theme parks such as Xcaret. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and attractions throughout Mexico welcome families with open arms.


Jamaica is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Caribbean Islands and is one of the top  family-vacation  destinations in the Caribbean. Many of Jamaica’s resorts offer supervised children’s activities, babysitters, family discounts, and kid’s meals. Jamaica has an abundance of top all-inclusive chains including: Sandals Beaches, SuperClubs Breezes resorts and Club Med. There are also many other  family   vacation  options such as the Franklyn D. Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, where  families  have their own  vacation  nanny during their stay.

Turks and Caicos

On a 12-mile stretch of satiny white-sand, Beaches Turks & Caicos is one of the premier family resorts on the island.With separate programs for infants, toddlers and teens, each is designed to give each age the activities they love. So when you’re off doing your thing, they’re off doing theirs. There are many other resorts to stay at this idyllic family beach destination


Home to the Atlantis Bahamas resort and many other excellent  family  resorts, there will not be a dull moment on your Bahamas  family   vacation . Blessed with the perfect location-less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida, the perfect climate- averaging a little over 75 degrees, and the perfect surroundings-crystal clear turquoise blue waters and pearly white beaches, the Islands of the Bahamas is the perfect destination for your next  family  beach  vacation .


A  Family  Hawaii  Vacation  has it all. Beautiful beaches, world-class golf, surfing, shopping, swimming, top notch hotels, condominiums, eco tours, national parks, warm weather, and cool ocean breezes. The four islands that are popular for a  family  Hawaii  Vacation  are Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Kauai.


Florida is a popular family beach destination because the climate is warm year round, it is easy to get to, it offers good value for your money, there are endless options for sightseeing and attractions for you family depending on what area you are in, and the beaches in Florida are numerous. In addition to beach destinations and of course Walt Disney World, there are tons of other family outings including Universal Studios, Sea World, Bush Gardens and many more.

Don’t Forget Family Cruises

This is a very popular  family   vacation  option and my personal favorite. Cruises with kids offer great value, choice and freedom! There are a lot of misconceptions about cruising such as it is only for older people and not suited for families, it is too rigid, there is nothing to do, you’ll feel trapped, you’ll get seasick, it’s too expensive! All is these statements are false and could not be further from the truth. Bring your kids along on almost any cruise and they’ll have the time of their lives.


Resorts for ideal Family Traveling Vacation

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Vacation resorts are the best accommodation, provided you choose the correct place for vacation depending on the season. You have number of choice to choose which suits your mood and climate of the vacation place. There are tropical vacation resorts, mountain resorts, sea side resorts and many more. You have resorts with beaches, picturesque resorts, traditional resorts and several more where you will find the comfort of home and personalized consideration. There are many resorts available near the city where you can relax and at the same time finish your business. If you are in business trip and yet have time for vacation then the resorts closer to the city provides the combination of business with pleasure. People have different plans during vacation. Some desire to go pleasure fishing; some are interested in the art and culture of the place, many like to enjoy the vacation with family and prefer to stay in a resort where there is provision and rest for all ages. Many others prefer vacation resorts nearer to golf course so they spend their time in playing golf. However, for family vacation the best place is Florida. In the gulf and Atlantic region magnificent vacation resorts are located. But the best family vacation resorts are found in Orlando. There are many vacation resorts in all directions of Florida region. These vacation resorts are extend over a large area and often provide total privacy combined with pollution free environment. Many of the vacation resorts have their private beaches which are safe and suitable place for relaxing. There are resorts that lodge group of families and visitors in one resort while providing personal areas for use and pastime. They have additional amenities to cater to all the group members. Many vacation resorts present scope for fishing and cruising. There you can catch fish, spot dolphins and visit the sea coast bird sanctuaries. With all the situated vacation resort that suits different climatic condition and for all ages, it is necessary to choose the perfect place for your proper vacation. You can browse the net to find out the best suited place. But there are thousands of websites to browse and find out and that is a intricate proposal. However, is the perfect website that provides all the necessary information you require, which includes the price, locationArticle Search, climatic condition and availability of resorts and facilities provided therein.

Need for Wise Choices

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For a nice holiday time within your budget you shall got for travel deals that offer discounts. A good number of travel-based websites can be a great source for these kinds of deals. To be able to search well, make sure about what exactly are you searching for. Choose the destination you want to go for and while doing so, find out the availability of flight tickets to there. If you are going for all-inclusive packages that include even the flight tickets, it is fine. But if the travel in not included in the packages you are looking for and you ought to arrange for the same on your own then better you check out their availability, through websites of several airlines. Finding the availability, you can then freeze your decision on that particular destination and start hunting for suitable packages available for that place.

Finding out the availability of flight tickets online, is the easiest job you can do provided you know well about how to go about it. Chances get brighter, when you have time enough to go for the vacation. You can get some really good deals, as the earlier you book for the tickets the better it is for your pocket. But if you are already late in doing so, you may not find good deals except that you grab some last-minute travel deals. These kinds of deals, as the name suggests can be grabbed in the last moments only and you are never sure about them. So it is just a matter of chance that you may get them otherwise it would be silly to wait for them. So, better not rely on them for, not every time you may be lucky enough to hit such deals, and therefore better you plan in advance for all such things.

Interestingly enough, once you reveal your expectations and budget on the websites, you will be getting many options. Now the question arises, which one to go for. It is always better to prepare a list of all the offers that appeal to you. You should do so not just through one website but through many others. Keep your mind open as you search for the right deal. Once you are done with the shortlisting of these offers, make a comparative analysis of all the deals that are in your mind. This sure will help you in making decision regarding which one to finally go for. Luckily today, there are many exciting holiday packages made available by several websites as well as travel agents. These packages are designed to suit you best but at the same time you shall make your choice wisely, considering all ifs and buts so that you don’t have to face unpleasant experiences later.

Family Travel Tips

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Any parent knows the headaches that can occur while traveling with the kids. From bathroom breaks every 30 minutes to sibling rivalry flare-ups; bringing the children on a road trip can really test the patience of even a saint. However, with a little advanced planning and some easy family travel tips, many of these travel pains can be minimized.
One of the most important family travel tips is to simply relax. Nothing ever goes completely as planned when on a trip, and bringing the kids only adds additional stress when things go awry. Even seemingly benign set backs can cause major outbreaks of crying and screaming from tired, road-weary children. And because children naturally look to their parents when gauging the seriousness of a given situation, if you’re exhibiting signs of stress, this will inevitably be magnified by the children.
For a child, nothing makes a car ride seem longer than having nothing to do but look out the window. And if you’re a parent, nothing makes a trip seem longer than a bored and unruly child. This being the case it is vital to bring a variety of entertainment when traveling with small children. Books, games, DVD’s, and anything else that can be used as a distraction will make a long road trip go by much faster for both the parent and the child.
An often overlooked aspect of family travel tips is choosing the right time to do your traveling. When possible, traveling at night is often the best idea, as most children will simply fall asleep within a short period of time on the road. If you must travel during the day, arranging your travel time around regularly scheduled naps is an excellent idea as it can provide at least a few hours of quiet while driving.
Ensuring you have plenty of time to travel is also very important. Having the time to be able to make regular stops along the way not only helps break up the monotony of driving, but it also allows children a chance to move around and burn off some energy. And with any luck, by following these family travel tips, your next vacation will be a great experience for the whole family.