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Testing Knowledge on the Road

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I got an idea from an old movie to have a contest where a few lucky people would get the chance to taste my newest beer. I run a local independent brewery that makes ales and lagers. People love the beer because I always make new, creative flavors that the other beer companies don’t. I would place 5 special golden lined wrappers on the beer that can only be seen when the beer bottle is empty. Those lucky 5 would get to ride on a Diamond Party Bus in Toronto, and through a series of tests, only one would be left to taste the beer.

The contest lasted 4 months, and the labels were placed on the beer at random to ensure that no one particular group of people get all of the labels and leave everyone else without a chance to get them. Continue reading

Family Vacation Destination – Tobago

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Tobago, an idyllic island located at the end of the chain of Caribbean islands, is a great destination for family vacations. The island’s diverse charm and culture is appealing to everyone in the family.

With white sand beaches on the south western side and golden sand beaches on the north eastern side, a wide array of water sports including snorkeling, diving, fishing, nature trails, waterfalls, rivers, a championship 18-hole and 9-hole golf course, there is never a dull moment to spare.

There are daily trips to the famous Buccoo Reef and reefs off Speyside on glass-bottom boats which allows viewing of the island’s myriad tropical fish and undersea coral. The boat tours also stop at the Nylon Pool which is an offshore sandbar formed in a metre deep pool in the middle of the ocean. Local folklore claims that it is Tobago’s fountain of youth and known for its therapeutic benefit. With beaches around most of the island, a different beach can be explored for every day of a two week vacation.

The island’s rich history of European ownership and ensuing battles, can be appreciated at the historic forts, the scattering of cannons dating back as far as 1770 and national museum.

Hiking through the lush rainforest is a surreal experience where the many species of flora and fauna can viewed. Tobago is well known as a bird-watchers paradise, and is home to many indigenous species. Bird-watching tours are available and led by experienced guides who will ensure your binoculars and cameras will capture these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. A visit must include a trip to one of the many waterfalls, along with a swim in the natural pools.

With the many ethnic groups living in these twin islands, the cuisine is just as interesting. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits and root vegetables are healthy staples featured in the many restaurants. Dining is casual but delectable, with the freshest of ingredients key to all dishes. Seafood straight from the sea to your plate, fruit picked from the tree to your fruit salad or juiced, vegetables from the small local farm to your table is dining at its best. For the adventurous gastronomie, the island is a diner’s dream. Local produce is abundantly fresh and plentiful. For meat lovers, the locally reared cattle produce the finest cuts of steaks ready for the barbecue.

The average temperature is in the mid-80 degree F, with the cool trade winds that consistently blow.

The top events on the island:

Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival – April 2011 (annual)

Tobago Heritage Festival – July to August 2011 (annual)

Turtle Watching – March to August 2011 (annual)


Dude Ranch Family Vacation: Old-West Fun!

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A dude ranch  family   vacation  may just well be the perfect  vacation  idea for you. Horseback riding, swimming pools, and multiple other activities make these resorts excellent places for you to take your kids on your next adventure. Here’s everything you need to know:

All You Need in One Location

Nearly every dude ranch will offer everything you need for your  vacation : lodging, food, and plenty of entertainment for people of all ages. This eliminates the need for things like hotels and other accommodations. Additionally, these resorts will typically give you a taste for what it was like living in the old-west; something theme parks cannot do.

Travel Tips

Here are some tips for making this  vacation  as good as it can be. If you want to go to one of these relatively inexpensive resorts, you should decide if you are going by plane or car. My suggestion would be to take a car, as driving will likely be a more low-cost travel solution than flying.

On your way there, pick up some travel games for the kids to play to keep them entertained, so you can focus all of your attention on getting your family to your destination quickly and safely. Additionally, because  vacations  of this nature have so much to offer, try to spend as little money on your way there as possible.

When to Go

Dude ranches are excellent places to go, any time of year, even on the holidays. A holiday  vacation  may be a great thing to help you relax and avoid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Summer months are probably the best time to go, though, as it is the tourist season in most locations meaning there will be more to do during these months. Additionally, summer months are the most promising for plenty of outdoor activities, especially swimming.

Consider This

When you are trying to think of affordable  family   vacation  ideas, a dude ranch is probably the best way to go. Although other  vacation  ideas may be cheaper, a dude ranch offers so much to do that children and adults alike will have an amazing time. Think of it this way: the true value of a  vacation  is in the strength of the memories it offers.

Because a  vacation  typically lasts only a week or two, to truly get your money’s worth, you want these two weeks to be a time period that you can talk about for years to come. What better way to ensure that your  vacation  will be memorable than taking your  family  to a place that they will enjoy so much, they will want to visit again and again.

Keep in mind that a  vacation  at a resort such as a dude ranch may not be for everyone. After all, not everyone is fond of horseback riding, the primary appeal of these resorts. However, if this  vacation  sounds like an experience you want to have, I suggest contacting a travel agent right away to get started.


Bahamas Family Vacation Ideas

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Do you know the Top Bahamas Family Vacation Ideas?

Family vacations in the Bahamas are exciting, fun filled adventures for all ages. The Bahama islands are packed with family friendly events. There is something to thrill everyone including water sports, snowy white beaches, parks and dozens of street festivals. Watch the ceremonial changing of the guard that is performed regularly in front of the Government House or discover the history of the Islands by touring old plantations and forts. There is always something new and interesting that you will want to see.

The hotels and the resorts have special games, parties and celebrations for their guests to enjoy. Many of the top accommodations feature scheduled activities for every age group. You can visit Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island or the Out Islands and experience the culture and fun that differs at each of your stops.

Visit the 40 acre Lucayan National Park that boasts one of more secluded beaches, freshwater springs and spectacular scenic beauty. Your family will enjoy exploring the winding pathways that meander through the forested setting. Be prepared to see a wide assortment of colorful flowers, tall, underground caves, swaying palms and enormous mangrove trees.

If the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas are where you want to spend the afternoon bring your snorkeling equipment and check out the coral reef that is located just offshore, a short distance from the Park. The brilliantly colored fish are sure to excite the kids and even the adults will be charmed by the variety of underwater life that calls this reef their home.

Gold Rock Creek flows above ground at Lucayan National Park and there is a vast underground network of caves located on the premises. There are 2 caves with underground pools that you can visit while you are here. If archaeology and history are among your interests you should know that many artifacts have been discovered in the caves and along the Park’s shoreline.

The sparkling Caribbean waters that surround the Bahamas are always a crowd pleaser, and will certainly be a main attraction for most members of your family. There is sailing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing waiting for you to try. Deep sea fishing charters can also be reserved and these will take you and your group out into the deeper waters where you can try to land “the big one”.

The Bahamas are a place to enjoy the island music and sample some good food. Treat your family to a visit to the laid back Bikini Bottom Bar and Grill. Sponge Bob and Squidward are not going to be there but you will enjoy the friendly service, fresh food and casual atmosphere.

While on Nassau/Paradise Island you can visit the large Botanical Gardens that covers 18 acres of land.The Ardastra Gardens has a Zoo with about 300 reptiles and animals. It is small but interesting, and the kids love seeing the animals that live there. If you are feeling more adventurous try diving with the dolphins. For those who are real adrenalin junkies there are opportunities available to swim with the sharks. If you want to stay on the land there are scooters that you can rent to tour the island or maybe the horseback rides along the shoreline will be more appealing to your family.


Planning A Low-Cost Family Vacation

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Getting away from daily routines and work obligations is a great excuse to start planning a vacation! A change of scenery, fun activities and a sense of excitement adds even more reasons to plan a family holiday getaway! In addition, it need not break the budget – not if you take a little time pre-planning an excursion for yourself and your loved ones. Here, a little thought and consideration will go a long way toward creating an ideal vacation package that is custom planned just for you.

Start with the seasons, which of them are the favorites among most of the family members. As a guide, tie the season in with the most loved activities that everyone engages in to come up with a time-off timeframe. Activities that are planned around seasons gives you more savings options when planning cheap family vacations and low cost getaways.

If going skiing is something that everyone enjoys, and then a winter getaway is best. However, the more economical way to go is to plan your vacation time earlier in the year when most ski mountains and resorts like to sell attendance tickets in advance in preparation of the crowds midseason. It helps them to plan their scheduling and costs ahead of time if they know how many visitors to expect. Many times only the tickets and bookings need to be made in advance but you have the option of attending at any time.

Water sports are an all-time favorite for younger family members. Going to a place where the water is free, such as an ocean beach, may be cheaper than paying for a water park entrance fee. In addition, if the beach has a carnival boardwalk, you have more control over the amount of rides and games to engage in. The price of foods, snacks and souvenir relics are slightly more varied here, too, since the shop owners are independent and not tied into the water park ownership.

One of the cheapest vacations by far is a sightseeing tour trip, especially when combined with camp lodgings and a more naturalistic activities itinerary, such as fishing, taking pictures, collecting minerals, visiting landmarks and exploring nature. Find out what your local area has to offer. Take a trip to several different playground parks with picnic areas, staying overnight in a motor inn or a campsite to cut down on expenses. Pick a lodging site that is within a short drive to several locations but away from heavy tourist sites. You can get even lower rates if you ask for a two or three day rate rather than just a single day.

Divide the vacation into chunks of activity time and relaxation time. Before packing, sit down with a pen and pad – plan out each day’s activities, call places for ticket prices and plan mealtimes. Grocery stores can offer healthful lunch or dinner items at less than the cost of a restaurant meal. One the first day, make the arrival an adventure in itself, scouting out activities for the following day. Just getting there, especially after a long drive, is half the fun. Unwinding with a nice meal at a special eatery or park is a great way to start. Getting a good overnights’ rest in a new place is a great way to start the next day’s agenda. Remember to plan quiet time between all the exciting activity. Cramming too much in each day will not only create tension and stress; it will also drain the wallet very quickly.

You do not really need to go very far to gain a feeling of escapism and relaxation.

Anything that brings a sense of family unity in a fun setting is worthy of consideration for cheap family vacations and getaways. All you need is a little thought put into the planning, and include a sprinkling of spirit and adventure, and away you go!


Top 5 Family Vacation Spots

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Yes, Orlando is number one when it comes to  family   vacations  and we can think of a couple of others maybe but if we’ve done those, it gets just a little challenging to think of the best places to take the  family . The emphasis is on fun during these  vacations  but if the kids can learn something special on the way, that’s a huge bonus. Here are some top picks.

1. No doubt, Walt Disney World and its associated theme parks is a dream  vacation  for most  families  during their golden years, when the kids are anywhere from six to ten. Besides WDW however, you will also find Universal Studios with a wide array of “scientific” exhibits and high-tech shows. You can take treks outside the parks to places like Wonder Works, an interactive science museum and dip your hands in water that is the temperature of the ocean the night the Titanic sank. And when you’re done with the Orlando proper, you can take an airboat ride through the Florida wetlands.

2. Hawaii is paradise on earth so any child will remember the beach and the beauty for the rest of his or her life. If they are old enough and you are in Oahu, you can take a cruise through Pearl Harbor and stop at the Battleship Arizona Museum or visit the army base inside the volcano that is Diamond Head.

3. The 112-mile highway that snakes over the Florida Keys to Key West is so different from anything you or the kids have seen that it is easy to miss the dazzling technology that built it. As you island-hop over long stretches of the Caribbean sea, you will pass places like the John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo that will allow you to kayak in shallow, clear blue water among the mangroves. But the whimsical city of Key West is the ultimate stop where you will see real treasure chests full of gold doubloons that were pulled from the seabed and pirate-ship restaurants.

4. In a word, Sanibel, Florida means shells. Lots and lots of shells. Be prepared to come home with a bucket load of the most beautiful shells you ever saw but be sure to show the kids that they are living animals. Help them to only take the ones that are not living and not just because it is illegal. You will also see the world’s largest shell museum and the whole spectacle is framed by the beautiful beaches and the Gulf of Mexico.

5. There really is a place called Atlantis nowadays and it is in the Bahamas. It is a lot of fun with slides that take you right under a shark tank, scuba diving, snorkeling waterpark and an aquarium. Pure fun for the whole family.


Family Vacation Package – A Divine Experience

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When you want to spend some good time with your family which is full of fun and activity,love and affection and also becomes an unforgettable picturesque moments, it is very important that you choose the Family Vacation Package carefully.

Some of the perfect family holiday in India are vast, and there are many choices for ultimate family vacations: lofty peaks of the North, hills covered with mist in the East; Palm fringed beaches and the pensive boat rides in the serene backwaters of the Southern state of India Kerala and vivacious colors and times past of the sandy desert area of Western India present vast choices. Making a choice of a destination for a family holiday is largely reliant on realistic points like the finances, the convenience of access and also to which age each and every member of the family belong.

Amongst perfect Family Vacation Package of India, Rajasthan, perhaps is the best place to visit with assurance of exclusive cuisine with an excellent backdrop of royal forts or palaces, extended sand dunes valved by the memorable image of long queues of camels slogging across the Thar Desert, dazzling shades in silk and cotton for the females and males alike in the ‘bandhni’ attire.

Moving away from the deserts, a mountain package for a vacation awaits you.Move to the hills of Uttaranchal and Jammu-Kashmir which is an amazing destination for a family vacation where you can admire nature all the time. If the high peaks are a top family priority vacation choice, then going for a holiday to towns like Srinagar, Sonmarg, Nainital, Gulmarg and Pahalgam is advised as many apparent tour operators provide a plan which almost suits everybody.

Very Small children can have an educational holiday tour to Cochin and learn about the history of the past which is still found preserved in the culture and monuments while the elders would like to go to a spiritual journey like Badrinath-Kedarnath, Varanasi and Sarnath, if they can walk around comfortably.The wonderful national park at Ranthambore, Kanha, Jim Corbett Park also can be a wonderful vacation but you have to be careful about which season you choose for these parks. The beach vacations in Goa and Kerala can also be a wonderful vacation! Nevertheless, it is better if you decide the family vacation after consulting all family members.

There are many people who make a trip from UAE as there are countless flights available between India and UAE.The low-priced tickets are offered by Jet Airways, Air India, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and British Airways etc. The most famous Royal Jordanian flights link Mumbai, India with UAE. There are several other flights which provide their excellent services so the travelers from UAE to India can reserve the flights and take pleasure in their tour to India.


5 Top Spots For Your Family Vacation

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Interested in finding a good vacation spot or idea for your family? Choosing a vacation that is safe and fun for children without being boring for adults can be a difficult proposition. Here are five ideas for family travel destinations that will keep children busy and entertained all day while still providing a relaxing or entertaining vacation experience for their parents.

1. Try A Cruise

Many cruise ships offer basic amenities that children will enjoy, but some cruises are designed specifically for providing something for the whole family. A cruise vacation will let your family explore many of the cruise ship’s destination, while allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation without wondering where your kids are going to wander to. Look into the Royal Caribbean Voyager class cruise ships to get something with stuff for the whole family like rock climbing, ice skating, and a wide variety of programs that will encourage children and teens to meet other kids and hang out.

2. Williamsburg, Virginia

If you are trying to work a little bit of education into your vacation plans, Williamsburg is a great place to go to combine historical interest and fun. The area has a colonial recreation that you can take your children through to find out what life in the 1770’s was like from actors pretending to live it. Williamsburg also has a great theme park, a water park, and a wide variety of nearby historical sites and museums to keep a family busy for days.

3. Family Oriented U.S. All-Inclusive Resorts

Many areas in the U.S. have all inclusive family resorts that provide activities for children as well as a great vacation experience for adults. Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont offers a great mix of outdoor camp style activities for kids and teens that will suit any temperament, as well as childcare for younger kids so adults can get some time to themselves. The Hyatt Regency resort near Scottsdale, Arizona also has a great program for keeping kids entertained while teaching them about the area and culture, as well as a wide variety of great family activities the hotel will arrange to help everybody have a great time.

4. Southern California

The area around L.A. and San Diego offers one of the best sets of family parks and vacation destinations in the country. Popular destinations like Lego Land near San Diego and the movie themed Disneyland and Universal Studios parks in L.A. are some of the great theme parks grouped reasonably close together, and the family has the option of doing something lower key like going to San Diego’s Apple Hill or simply visiting the beach when the lure of the parks starts to fade.

5. Caribbean Resorts

It can be difficult to find a good place for children abroad, but with the right research it is quite possible. There are a wide variety of all inclusive family centric resorts in the Caribbean that can keep kids entertained with water sports and fun programs while allowing their parents to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beach. These resort packages are designed to appeal to all budget levels and vacation ideas, so finding one that will suit your family and your budget shouldn’t be hard.


Family Vacations – Ideas On Finding The Right Lodging For Your Vacation With The Kids

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Does the idea of being cooped up in a motel room with your kids make you think twice about a family vacation? It does for me! Here are some ideas that will change your mind.

Family vacations create memories for lifetimes. Some are good. Some are not so good. The goal of any vacation is to have a good time, and enjoy the company of your kids. But we all need some space. The type of lodging you choose for your family vacation may be the most important decision you make. So how do you find vacation lodging that works best for your family? Here are some ideas.

Larger units – Consider a family cabin rental, a condo, or even a furnished apartment. Sometimes smaller lodges have 1 or 2 units that fit the bill. Just make sure you have more than one room. That makes all the difference.

But keep in mind; larger units often have minimum stays. So look for a unit you can rent for a week. And plan your vacation based on excursions from where you are staying. Not only will this give you more space, it will likely save you money. And, you can unpack once and make yourself at home. But larger units, especially at a good price, are harder to find, and book sooner. So plan early!

Common Space at a Lodge or Resort – A more traditional room with 2 beds is a lot more tolerable if there is a good amount of public common space. A lodge where there are activities and places to hang out and explore both indoors and outdoors make a huge difference. If your kids are older, they will have somewhere to go to “create some space”. Or, maybe it’s you who needs to “get away for a while”! If your kids are young, splitting them up between you and your spouse for a period of time can work wonders. Just make sure you choose your lodging that has somewhere fun and interesting to walk to other than your room.

Mix it up to help your budget – More space in lodging generally means more money. But here’s an idea that has worked for my family many times. Plan your vacation in 2 phases. The first phase is the active part. This is the part where we see the sights and do all those tourist things. We expect to be on the go, and mainly just need a place to crash. So a budget hotel does the job.

The second phase is the relaxing part. Here’s where we stay at a resort or cabin where there is a lot of space, preferably both in the unit, and out. We mainly relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer. And we take advantage of the close by activities we can walk to, or drive less than 10 minutes based on local recommendations. It’s usually at the end of this phase we find it hard to leave. That’s how we know we had a good time, and a successful family vacation!


Mexico Best Family Vacation

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Mexico is the ideal place for the perfect family getaway. The scenic beauty is very relaxing and when accompanied with warm hospitality its bliss supreme. Mexico can be called the land of beautiful locations and beaches. It is paradise to be in and has all the entertainment to offer for the entire family.

Mexico has a wide variety of places you can choose from. You can either choose to be at the sandy white beaches or stay in a quite place towards the village side. If you love water activities, you would want to take your entire family to locations along the Pacific coast or the Caribbean. The crystal clear shimmering waters have various water sports taking place. Your family would simply love this part as they get to explore the beauty of nature.

You can either scuba dive or water ski in the turquoise blue water. Swim or sunbathe on the sandy beach while your eyes take a glimpse of the beauty around. Mexico has excellent marine life and thus you would be lucky enough to spot some dancing dolphins and huge whales swimming in the deep waters. After enjoying all the water activities you can head towards any restaurant for some scrumptious food. Mexico is well known for the traditional spicy chilies and nachos. You can also tickle your taste buds to delicious sea food. The tasty pizzas, pastas and light sandwiches are also worth a try.

If you are looking for a quiet place you can choose to stay at the less developed, but beautiful, village side. The place is full of greenery with a pleasant climate and lovely spots to explore. You can rent a home and stay with the entire family where you can cook for yourself and feel at a home away from a home amid laps of nature. If you are looking forward to party all night with your family you can choose to stay at the modernized side of Mexico in the resorts.

There are many luxurious resorts to choose from. All the resorts are well equipped with the latest amenities. If you want to spend your  family   vacation  in privacy at a resort, you can rent a villa attached with a small kitchen. Staying along with your family amid privacy can make the trip more memorable.

A family outing is incomplete without shopping. Mexico has various shopping malls and stores where you get to shop all day long. Traditional Mexican outfits, souvenirs, the popular handcrafted articles and trendy jewelry are very popular with tourists. Coffee lovers cannot simply afford to miss out on the special coffee beans here. They are also one of the ideal gifts for family and friends back home.

You can either choose to book your Mexico  family   vacation  by yourself online or get hold of a travel agent. If you are visiting for the first time to Mexico it might be better to book through a travel agency so they can help you explore the beauty of Mexico. Mexico is a perfect family holiday destination as it offers you fun, entertainment, peace and luxurious living.