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Planning A Low-Cost Family Vacation

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Getting away from daily routines and work obligations is a great excuse to start planning a vacation! A change of scenery, fun activities and a sense of excitement adds even more reasons to plan a family holiday getaway! In addition, it need not break the budget – not if you take a little time pre-planning an excursion for yourself and your loved ones. Here, a little thought and consideration will go a long way toward creating an ideal vacation package that is custom planned just for you.

Start with the seasons, which of them are the favorites among most of the family members. As a guide, tie the season in with the most loved activities that everyone engages in to come up with a time-off timeframe. Activities that are planned around seasons gives you more savings options when planning cheap family vacations and low cost getaways.

If going skiing is something that everyone enjoys, and then a winter getaway is best. However, the more economical way to go is to plan your vacation time earlier in the year when most ski mountains and resorts like to sell attendance tickets in advance in preparation of the crowds midseason. It helps them to plan their scheduling and costs ahead of time if they know how many visitors to expect. Many times only the tickets and bookings need to be made in advance but you have the option of attending at any time.

Water sports are an all-time favorite for younger family members. Going to a place where the water is free, such as an ocean beach, may be cheaper than paying for a water park entrance fee. In addition, if the beach has a carnival boardwalk, you have more control over the amount of rides and games to engage in. The price of foods, snacks and souvenir relics are slightly more varied here, too, since the shop owners are independent and not tied into the water park ownership.

One of the cheapest vacations by far is a sightseeing tour trip, especially when combined with camp lodgings and a more naturalistic activities itinerary, such as fishing, taking pictures, collecting minerals, visiting landmarks and exploring nature. Find out what your local area has to offer. Take a trip to several different playground parks with picnic areas, staying overnight in a motor inn or a campsite to cut down on expenses. Pick a lodging site that is within a short drive to several locations but away from heavy tourist sites. You can get even lower rates if you ask for a two or three day rate rather than just a single day.

Divide the vacation into chunks of activity time and relaxation time. Before packing, sit down with a pen and pad – plan out each day’s activities, call places for ticket prices and plan mealtimes. Grocery stores can offer healthful lunch or dinner items at less than the cost of a restaurant meal. One the first day, make the arrival an adventure in itself, scouting out activities for the following day. Just getting there, especially after a long drive, is half the fun. Unwinding with a nice meal at a special eatery or park is a great way to start. Getting a good overnights’ rest in a new place is a great way to start the next day’s agenda. Remember to plan quiet time between all the exciting activity. Cramming too much in each day will not only create tension and stress; it will also drain the wallet very quickly.

You do not really need to go very far to gain a feeling of escapism and relaxation.

Anything that brings a sense of family unity in a fun setting is worthy of consideration for cheap family vacations and getaways. All you need is a little thought put into the planning, and include a sprinkling of spirit and adventure, and away you go!