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All Inclusive Vacation Family – Fun

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Do you know how many popular all inclusive  vacation   family  destinations that are popular year around?

Caribbean Resorts

Are very popular choices for families, because of the many all-inclusive packages that are offered. Also have a number of great activities for kids and for your teens.

Dominican Republic Resorts

These resorts have become very popular in recent years because of the many all-inclusive offers being given at good prices.

Mexico Resorts

Here are some resorts that are hot spots for  family   vacations  with some great deals to be had. Some of these resorts are on the high trend side, so do your home work looking for deals.

Some Activities You Can Expect

How about things like scavenger hunts, beach parties, bingo, with nightly entertainment offered. Theme nights are also planned.

Enjoy the many fine restaurants, lots of snacks. There are also buffets for the kids as well as very fine dining. There are also swim-up bars to to keep the kids hydrated in those hot climates.

There are other nice things to enjoy while there, like fitness gyms, spas, and as always golf courses.

Things You Should Watch Out For

Pools that are not heated are pretty much standard, except heating by the sun. That means on cool days the pool water maybe a bit chilled. Lounge chairs can are on first come its mine until I leave basis. So get there early. Also getting reservations at restaurants can be very difficult.

Many resorts issue towel cards when you first arrive. You exchange the card for a towel and when you hand in you last wet towel before you leave, you get back the card for check out. .

What Kind Of Cost Are We Talking?

Some of these all inclusive  vacation   family  deals can cost big time. Of course were talking all inclusive  vacation  here, taxes, gratuities, all kids programs, sports equipment, water sports, including scuba gear and transportation. Just remember you pay only once, anything you may think is extra is included in the All-inclusive  family   vacation  cost, great is it not?

Of course you can keep your eyes open for deals. Some resorts have repeat deals going each year. All these resorts discount big time during summer months. This is May through to late Dec. Check online you are sure to fine an all inclusive  vacation   family  package just right for your family.


Family Beach Vacations

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 Family  oriented all-inclusive  vacation  resorts provide  vacations  with activities tailored for the whole  family . A family all-inclusive resort hotel features entertainment, activities and dining for all members of the family. Many all-inclusive family resorts include children’s clubs and activities targeted to different age groups from infants to teenagers.

Some all-inclusive resorts for the  family  provide  vacation  nannies, supervised day-care, and/or babysitting. Some may have a teen disco. Children stay free at some all inclusive resort hotels. Other resorts offer a deep discount for children. Some resorts can accommodate larger families and allow up to 3 children and 2 adults in a room. Some all inclusive family resort hotels have adult-only restaurants and areas, children-only and adult-only pools, and water parks.

Some of the Best  Family  Beach  Vacations  Resorts include:

Atlantis Resort – Paradise Island, Bahamas, a 14-acre water park with waterfalls, streams, and lagoons with more than 50,000 sea animals. The Atlantis also has thrilling waterslides and a lazy-river ride, as well as a Discovery Channel Camp for kids.

Beaches – Negril, Jamaica offers kids programs from infant care to teen activities; other features are a major game complex and a new, on-site water park including snorkeling trips to a coral reef, and scuba diving for kids 12 and older.

Beaches – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos has a Kids club with daily nanny service for ages 0-2 in the nursery and 3-5+ Here the children enjoy ice-cream parties and arts and crafts. At Beaches Turks and Caicos, there are organized activities for older children. In the Pirates Island area, there is a 1950’s diner, a Sega games center, a tropical game room with air hockey and pool tables, a disco, basketball court, swim-up soda bar and a swimming pool with water slides.


Colorado Family Ski Vacation

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If you want to take your  family  on a real adventure, why not plan a Colorado  family  ski  vacation  and discover how much fun you can have in this winter wonderland. There are indoor and outdoor sports and activities that will let you test your skills and abilities or you can just have fun learning how to slowly move downhill without doing that imitation of a giant snowball. On second thought that can sometimes be more fun than skiing in the upright position. If your family wants the chance to live the adventure of skiing, ice skating or snow tubing there is no better place to set your course than the mountains of Colorado.

The great weather, fresh air and great variety of slopes and ski trails attract visitors from all over the world and you and your  family  can experience this exciting  vacation  together. Did you know that Steamboat, Colorado has had more winter Olympic athletes than any other city in the US? This is easy to understand because, after all, this is one of the places that parents put skis on their toddlers as soon as they learn to stand upright. Okay, maybe sooner. Don’t be surprised to see some of the tiniest youngsters pull out some impressive moves. Just remember that balance comes easier to younger kids and your own children will probably be outperforming you unless you are ready to bring your own “A game” to the slopes.

There are kid friendly programs available at local Colorado resorts that work with children as young as 6 months. They may not put the youngest tots on actual skis and expect them to hit the slopes but sledding and other activities are certainly on the schedule. The younger you start to learn balance and coordination the better and who knows, you might have a future gold medalist on your hands.

The beautiful Colorado landscape is a perfect background for other activities like snowmobile riding, dog sledding, sleigh rides and snow shoe adventures. If your family is up to the task there is cross country, downhill and Nordic style skiing to choose from. For the less experienced skiers there are bunny trails for you to tackle.

Both adults and young children can be found experimenting with basic ski maneuvers on these less challenging slopes. You can always tell the kids that you just want to stay by their side and make sure they have a safe skiing adventure, and they may not even guess that your heart is racing a mile a minute. Just try to stay upright throughout the lesson and you might just pull it off. If you don’t trust your own balance atop a pair of skis then saddle up a horse and take the family out to enjoy a brisk ride out in the country.

Gunnison-Crested Butte is another Colorado skiing hot spot that has plenty of family friendly fun waiting for guests of all ages. If your group gets tired of being outdoors you can check out some of the great restaurants and shops. Indoor ice rinks provide more winter fun in a controlled environment. If you want to get in a little culture take your group to the museum or stop by the Center for the Arts where you can enjoy a concert or live play.

You can score additional points with the kids when you tell them about some of the perks for families that are featured at a resort like Crested Butte. Check out the dazzling, high tech video arcade and night time pizza parties. The adults can always participate or just relax in front of a toasty fireplace with a warm drink. This just goes to prove that all of the fun on a Colorado  family  ski  vacation  doesn’t take place on the slippery, icy ski slopes after all.


How to Plan a Good Family Vacation on a Budget

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If you are like most Americans, you are on a strict budget this year. One glance at your checking account and it may seem impossible to take that yearly family trip. Stop right now! Get that thought out of your head! Despite what you might believe, you can still have a great  family   vacation , even when traveling on a strict budget. How?

 Vacation  Close to Home: When we think of  family   vacations , we often envision days in the car or hours on an airplane. Yes, this might have been your  vacations  in the past, but now you are closely monitoring your finances. Why don’t you look closer to home? I bet you haven’t given local  vacation  hot spots much consideration in the past. When you look, you should like your options. Many areas are home to theme parks, museums, campgrounds, state parks, and more.

Make a  Vacation  Out of Mini Trips: As previously stated, we often think of long, extended trips when it comes to trips with the  family . If you need to stay local, create a series of mini-vacations. These can be done throughout the year or crunched into one week. For example, day one can be at a local museum for kids; day two can be at a state park with hiking trails; day three can be a nearby amusement park, and so forth. By staying at a cheap hotel, your  family  will still get that “normal”  vacation  feel. Most importantly, you save money especially if some of your activities are free or come with low admission fees.

Cut Your  Vacation  Short: If you don’t like the idea of staying close to home, look at your budget. If you have some money to spend, why not shorten the length of your traditional family trip? You can still get your time at the beach or Disneyland, but your trip will only be 3-nights instead of 5 or 7. Since you still get a good  vacation  at a popular destination, you are less likely to feel as if you are shortchanging yourself or your  family .

Travel During the Off-Season: It is fact that most  families   vacation  during the summertime. It is easier to get time off from work and the kids are on summer break. However, this is peak travel season, meaning you will automatically spend more money. In the United States, most schoolchildren get holiday, winter, and spring breaks. These week-offs vary around the country, meaning it won’t necessarily be peak travel season. For you, this should result in better prices. Not only will you find better hotel rates and cheaper airline tickets, but retailers and restaurants should offer more money saving discounts.

In short, there are many ways to not only plan a  family   vacation  on a budget, but a good one at that. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your current financial situation get you down. With a little bit of careful planning, you can get that break you and your entire family deserve.


Good Reasons to Rent a RV For Your Family Vacation

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There many good reasons to rent a RV for a family vacation and many people today are enjoying the advantages of RVing without having to own and maintain their own recreational vehicle. Enjoying a week or a month on the road can be a really fun experience for the whole family that your kids will talk about for years to come. If you’re wondering whether or not you should rent an RV for your next vacation, here are some reasons why this may be the best vacation decision you’ve ever made.

1. More flexibility – If you choose to spend your vacation RVing, you will have more flexibility as to your plans. Even though you may plan your vacation in advance, which is a good idea regarding campgrounds, there is still plenty of flexibility as to when or if you go to a certain place because you are driving your ‘hotel’ in a sense and can stay where you want, when you want or if you want.

2. Less expensive than a fancy resort – You can rent an RV for a week, month or longer from one of the many RV rental businesses. The rental fee will depend on how large the RV is and how many people you are taking on your trip. Of course, you will need to factor in your gas mileage for your vacation. The size of the camper will also determine how much gas you use. You can save money on camping sites by staying at one of the many state campgrounds around the country. And for a quick nite’s rest that is for free while traveling to your destination, you are always welcome at a Wal-mart parking lot for the night! You also save money by being able to carry and prepare your own food since RVs offer full service kitchens with all necessary appliances.

3. Good test drive for future RV ownership – If you’ve toyed with the idea of owning a camper, this is a good way to try out the experience to see if you really want to commit to owning a camper. You get a true feel for using camp sites, hooking up the camper and for staying in it for a full vacation. You may find that you aren’t too interested in it or you may find that’s it’s the perfect fit for your family!

If you’re interested in taking your next vacation by way of camping, there are many rental places that will help you select your unit, provide you with travel insurance and help you with other questions you may have. There are many good reasons to rent an RV for your family vacation.


Lake Tahoe – A Great Family Vacation Destination

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Lake Tahoe is a great destination for your next family vacation. From exploring the outdoors to organized camps and classes, there are numerous activities for kids and their families at Lake Tahoe. And, perhaps the biggest surprise, the majority of these activities are available at little to no cost.

Lake Tahoe is an American treasure with its stunning beauty, crisp and clear air, and the sun shines roughly 80% of the time. Lake Tahoe is a large alpine lake surrounded by the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the borders of Nevada and California.

In the summer you can partake of boating and water sports, the sandy beaches, bicycling, golf, tennis, hiking, camping, ballooning, hiking, horse back riding, rock climbing, bungee jumping, para sailing and more with seemingly endless possibilities.

There are three recreation areas you may want to consider when visiting Lake Tahoe. The King Beach Recreation Area, which is the largest beach in North Tahoe. It boasts a 3,000 foot stretch of sand with swimming, picnic areas and boat rental facilities. During the summer months, Tahoe City’s Commons Beach hosts free Sunday concerts and Wednesday evening movies. The South Shore’s Zephyr Cove is popular for its marina and restaurants.

In the winter the area receives on average of 409″ of snow, which makes Tahoe one of the premier skiing destinations in America. The area includes 15 downhill resorts, 10 cross-country ski centers, and facilities for snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, sleigh riding and of course just playing in the snow.

Year round activities include fishing, Vegas style gambling and big name entertainment in the casinos. And, then there is the lake. Lake Tahoe is famous for its crystal clear water and enormous size. The lake measures 12 miles wide and 22 miles long and it is said that you can see a white dinner plate 75 feet below the surface. The lake’s average depth is 989 feet with its deepest point being 1645 feet. Lake Tahoe contains enough water to cover the entire state of California 15 inches deep. It is the largest alpine lake in North America.

When deciding on where to stay you must decide on the North or South Shores of Lake Tahoe. If you prefer gambling and entertainment then you want to go to the South Shores. It features better casinos, entertainment and lodging choices, often with better rates. If you want a more relaxing, outdoor atmosphere then head to the North Shore. You will find a better selection of high-quality resorts and vacation rentals. The West Shore is very woodsy and has the most campsites, while the East Shore is protected from development and has no commercial activity. Where ever you stay you will find plenty of water and mountain sports.

If you are looking for an outdoor retreat, then Lake Tahoe is a great place to spend your next family vacation!


Pattaya, Thailand – A Good Family Vacation Destination?

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This question is being asked often by Parents who consider visiting Pattaya with their children but they are unsure because of Pattaya’s reputation. Such names as Extreme City, Sin City and others come to mind that might scare parents.

Over the past years the type of tourists visiting Pattaya has changed. Many Russian tourists and eastern Europeans are part of the landscape of visitors now. Pattaya is not only a destination for single men from around the world anymore. Russian couples and families are a large part of the tourism scene.

Pattaya has been known for over four decades for its vibrant and wild nightlife and there is no doubt that Pattaya will always make most of its revenue from the nightlife entertainment areas.

Pattaya’s Nightlife and adult entertainment centers are found mostly in Walking Street and between Pattaya Beach Road to second Road. Many bars can be found on third road as well. There are other ‘pockets’ of nightlife and adult entertainment in some areas of Naklua and Jomtien but by far not as widespread and raunchy.

Jomtien offers a great destination for families and the further east on Jomtien Beach the quieter the beach is and there are hardly any bars. There are wonderful hotels and resorts which are very family friendly and offer everything you can ask for. Water sports like jet skis, windsurfing, parasailing and any water sport you can imagine is available here.

Pattaya has a famous Tiger Zoo, a crocodile farm, the sanctuary of truth, mini Siam, Ripley’s Believe or not and the Pattaya water park just to mention a few things to do in and around Pattaya.

Pattaya’s convenient location from the International Bangkok Airport makes Pattaya a great  vacation  destination. Only about 1 1/2 hours by taxi or bus.

Pattaya offers a culinary feast for everyone and every taste. International Restaurants mixed with local Thai food stalls and restaurants offer just about any kind of food you can imagine.

Transportation is available at any time of the day or night. A baht bus (mini bus) from Jomtien to Pattaya costs 10 Baht per person. A car can be rented starting from 500 Baht a day. A scooter can be rented starting at 150 Baht a day.

The unrests in Bangkok kept many tourists from visiting Thailand this year ‘2008’. As unfortunate as it is for many businesses it is a great time to visit because there are a lot less tourists this year. Some newspapers report a 20-30 % drop in tourism and rising.

Unfortunate for businesses but it sure is nice because Pattaya will not be crowded this high season.

It’s a perfect time to visit Pattaya, Thailand.


Five Family Vacations Ides

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Being a part of all this hassle we all look forward to some privacy and want to spend quality time with our families in form of catching up with the latest movie or going to various amusement parks or undertaking short Vacations in India…which not only relaxes us and provides a joyful environment but also strengthens family bonds.

A short family vacation is any day the most appealing option as it satisfies dual objectives: an outing and spending of quality time with family. But in today’s recession scenario where companies are suffering unbearable losses leading to unemployment or least payable jobs, going on vacation would be the last thing one would do. Not to worry the solution to this is to resort to cheap vacation trip to India. So, lets take a brief to some cheap vacation ideas.

Camping: One of the most inexpensive family vacation ideas is family camping which is fun and exciting. The Camping Gear for a family of four will cost less than $1000 and can be used for future vacations as well. Several campsites feature shower and toilet facilities. Some even provide cable TV and wireless access. RV camping is also popular as recreational vehicle parks feature hiking trails, playground facilities, lakes for swimming, boating, and other water sports.

Road Trips: Bringing the focus from the destination to the journey can make a simple road trip a fun and exciting family vacation. Load your car with yummy homemade goodies, and head for a road trip. Stop at fun places such as museums, factories, historical buildings, or any other scenic spot during the journey. If your children are young and love role plays, then you all could pretend to be explorers. Provide the children with binoculars and cheap cameras. The best about road trips is that you never know what’s in store for you. You will be surprised how simple trips like these can turn out into wonderful memories.

Horse Riding: Horse riding is another wonderful option for budget vacation. The aim of this resort is to train children to ride horses around the ranch or mountain trails. Horses can be hired for few days from easily available horse dealers. Tips and lessons on safe horse riding are available on net making it a fear free activity.

Skiing: For families passionate about skiing, but who find big resorts way too expensive, then the small old fashion resorts are a good option.

Experiencing Farm Life: It’s good to experience farm life by moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the peace and quietness of a farm, is a good change for everybody. The farm features gardens, ponds, domesticated animals.

When you’re on tight budget vacations, it’s best to plan well in advance. Booking airline tickets in advance will enable you to reach the same destination at a cheaper rate. Since rates during weekends are high, plan going for a vacation sometime during the week. Be on the look out for peak seasons and plan your vacation during the off season. Planning ahead and during off season is the key to affordable family vacations. Joining up with friends is also another method of reducing the cost and having low cost family vacations.


Caribbean All Inclusive Family Vacations

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The Caribbean has an impressive collection of all-inclusive  family   vacation  resorts to cater for the whole  family . These destinations offer a wide range of fun fill activities for the entire family. These activities include water sports, beach sports and other historic site seeing adventures.

Water Sports Activities.

One of the most enjoyable set of activity is the watersports activity. Sunfish sailing is one such activity. It is enjoyed by millions around the world as it is an exciting introduction to sailing for young children who have a passion of sailing. Another water sporting activity that family can enjoy is wind surfing. Even though this requires a bit more skill than sunfish sailing, it is a really pleasurable activity when you are able to master it. Other fascinating water sports activity enjoyed by million visiting the Caribbean on family visiting is yachting which allows visitors to spend days on the seas traveling from island to island enjoying the scenic coastline and the underwater fascinating coral reefs.

Jamaica  Family   Vacation 

In Jamaica there are the Breezes all-inclusive hotels which are the epitome of fun for the family. Their hotels have programs which are geared specifically for children. The Rose hall Resort and spa is another all-inclusive Jamaica family resorts which cater of children. Some of the exciting activities include kayaking, windsurfing and parasailing. This is also the delightful adventure of visiting the Sugar Mill Falls Water Park which is an experience that must not be missed.

St. Lucia  Family   Vacation 

There are also many exciting water park spread throughout the Caribbean. One of St. Lucia family all-inclusive resort is CocoLand. This is the largest children club and water park on the island. Also, there is the Coconut Bay all-inclusive resort which is one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean for couples, singles or family.

Barbados  family   Vacation 

In the Hilton Barbados package for family is one of the best family destination in the Caribbean. This destination has great water sports activity that is fill with excitement for family members. Another great choice for  family   vacation  in Barbados is the Bougainvillea beach resort. This resort has a host of adventure of children like make sand castles, just playing in the sand, finding sea shells amongst others.

There is no shortage of fun for those families that take the opportunity to the Caribbean. The lovely beaches and water sports activities create unforgettable memories. Over the years many all-inclusive  vacation  destinations have realize the important of taking care of the entire  family . This has ease the burden face by many travelers.


Disney Family Vacation Savings

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A Disney family vacation always includes something that special that is not expected like the magic and wonder of Disney! Most think that the magic and wonder only overtakes the young. Many are unprepared for the joy that fills all family members of all ages as a result of a Disney vacation.

Disney vacation over the upcoming holidays is such a special time not soon forgotten many come back for more every year. As the story goes for children, a Disney vacation is the stuff dreams are made of. The adults respond somewhat different as many have forgotten how to dream. As the excitement builds in the adults their guard drops and their eyes light up and the big smiles show up on their faces. There is no better treatment for stress relief on the planet. When the adults arrive they always think it is only for the kids and they quickly find there’s something for every.

Here you will find some tips to keep in mind that will make your family Disney vacation better than ever. First never just go to Disney World Orlando and pay as you go. The will cost a small fortune, it is better and less expensive to pre-plan and book a vacation ahead of time. The savings is tremendous compared to pay as you go.

It is possible to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, if you begin your search on the internet. Some ask what is considered affordable. Walt Disney World is always running special offers that are directed at families of four. Some of the latest offers I’ve come across is the 7 day 6 night stay in one of the many Disney resorts. The special was $1,599 which breaks down as about $57.11 a day per person. Remember this does not include the cost of food and the travel to and from your chosen Disney resort.

If that does not fall into the budget there are plenty of other options available. The first to consider fewer days my personal favorite is in the 3 to 4 day stay which is long enough to have a great time. If this does not yet fit the budget there are still options that will work for your family.

You could decide to just stay in a hotel in the Orlando area but remember the Disney Resorts are by far the best values for the money. They are more expensive on the average though. When money is tight the hotels in Kissimmee the closest to the Disney parks offer even bigger savings and provide shuttles to the parks.

Another advantage to staying off the Disney Properties is getting your breakfast from a local restaurant. The cost of eating at one of the parks is much higher. Carry your own food and water into the parks will save you a bundle also.

With a little research on the internet you can find family packages to fit the budget. They include hotel or resort and park tickets and always check prices separately as it is a good idea to have a baseline price. You could always book your vacation on the Disney website but with all the other travel holiday sites online you are likely to save a bundle. Take a little time to explore the options you will likely get a much better family Disney vacation package.